Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ten On Tuesday #2

Ten Movie Characters You Love

  1. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennett--Pride & Prejudice
  2. Jane Eyre--Jane Eyre
  3. Jo March--Little Women
  4. William Wallace--Braveheart (this movie makes me cry everytime!)
  5. Marianne--Sense & Sensibility
  6. Mr. Darcy--Pride & Prejudice (can you tell I adore this movie?!!)
  7. Sabrina--Sabrina
  8. Coach Grant--Facing the Giants
  9. Terry McKay--Love Affair
  10. Lucy Moderatz--While You Were Sleeping

It's really, really hard to narrow it down to ten! I need about twenty-five! LOL!

To see more, hop over to Ten On Tuesday!


Vader's Mom said...

Great list. I need to go do that meme.

jdoriot said...

uh...Bobby Boucher from Waterboy..and his mom too...lol!!

Carrie! :o) said...

LOL, I must be a dork! I've seen maybe 1-2 of those movies!

annie said...

I loved Facing the Giants. Great list! It would take my brain forever to come up with mine :)


JennaG said...

Ooh, I've seen all those movies and loved them. We have very similar movie tastes! Wonderful list.