Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Randomized by Mandalyn

I thought I'd take Mandalyn up on her offer to randomize someone. She sent some great questions and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed getting them!

1. If you could have your children remember one thing about you, what would it be and why?

I think I'd want them to remember my love for God and my faithfulness to Him and to my family. Now, this is a tough one for me because I'm pretty sure that more times than not, I do not reflect these things to my children. I don't think I show my love for God the way I should. I am sure that I could do better. I do think when they are older they will be able to look back and understand that all of the things I am doing now is because I love them and because I want them to love God and obey His commandments. I think this is essential for their souls and their happiness. If I raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord, then I have done my job. So, I want them to remember that I raised them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I think that encompasses my love for God and my faithfulness to Him and to them.

2. If you could fulfill one life-long dream, what would it be?

I'd have to say to travel. I've always wanted to visit all fifty states and also travel abroad. I'd love to visit Paris, London, Rome, Italy, Greece, Scotland, Ireland,Germany, Mexico, Egypt, and Israel. Those are the places I can think of right off the top of my head. I would love to see the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel.

3. What is your best quality?

This is a trick question, right? This is tough because I have a lot of faults. The thing that comes to mind is my loyalty. I am as loyal as the day is long.

4. What is the most exciting thing you've ever done?

In December, Jeff took me with him on a business trip to NYC. For the first two days of the trip, he was in seminars all day long. I, on the other hand, had all of Manhattan to explore so for those two days, I did just that! I took off, alone, on an adventurous walk around Manhattan. This was pretty exciting because there was so much to take in. There is so much diversity in everything there. I was able to see beautiful landmarks, people from all over the world, more food than you could imagine, shopping galore, and I even found an awesome 99 cent store! This trip was also the first time I'd ever been on an airplane so thus far, this is one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced.

5. What is your favorite movie and why?

Hmmm....this is tough. I have two favorites. One is an all-time favorite. It is Pride & Prejudice. I love this movie for many reasons. I love this time period. I love the manner in which people conducted themselves and the way they dress. I love it because it's such a romantic movie. I love that Mr. Darcy is such a principled man. I love Lizzie's fiery personality and her unwillingness to settle for anything but true, heartfelt love. I love her free spirit and her tenderness. I could go on and on! I love, love, love this movie! I own the BBC version of this film, the Colin Firth mini-series version, and the recently released version with Kiera Knightley. I've seen all three versions multiple times! I cry every time too!

My other favorite is Facing the Giants. This movie spoke to me on so many different levels. The couple in the movie struggle with so many issues. They are struggling to have children, which is also happening to us. A lot of people have lost faith in the main character and are secretly plotting to fire him from his job. It just seems that so many things are going against this couple but they always handle it in such an inspiring way. The husband always reminds everyone around him that we must give God the glory when we win or when we lose. It's a very emotional movie but is also very encouraging, especially if you struggle with some of the same hardships. I can't say enough about it. I cry every time I watch it too!

Thanks for the great questions Mandalyn! If you want to be randomized, just ask and I'll dream up some questions! It's alot of fun and we can learn so much about each other from doing this!


Anonymous said...

Great answers! Being loyal is a WONDERFUL trait! :o)

annie said...

Loyalty is a wonderful trait!
I loved "Facing the Giants" too.
♥, Annie

JennaG said...

Loved your answers--I've been to NYC--that was the funnest trip--it is a very different world from where I live, though!!
I have never watched Facing the Giants without tears streaming down my face--it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your answers! I just read P and P, so I am about to start watching all the movie versions. I can't wait!

Leanne said...

I got your package today and LOVE it...I'll post about it tomorrow!

Mandalyn said...

I'm just now getting to read your answers. I've been out of town. Your answers are great! You answered these questions the same way I would have!! I want my children to remember my love for the Lord, I would LOVE to travel (including NYC) and I love both of those movies!! Thanks for playing! I enjoyed learning more about you!!

LoveMyStarr said...

I would love to be randomized! What great questions and answers!! I too would want Scamp to really know that I loved God even though I'm not perfect. What a great example.

I would love to travel, too. Israel's on my list along with Australia and New Zealand. Your NYC trip sounded so fun! What an adventure. Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley) is one of my favorites, too. I haven't seen the others but will have to!