Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Jenny Is To Blame!

I blame Jenny. It's all her fault. I can't really even remember how it all happened. I do remember that when I met Jenny, I knew we would be friends for a long time.

Many years ago, our oldest children were attending public school and in the same kindergarten class. One day as we sat outside the school waiting to pick up our children, we struck up a conversation. Throughout that year, we, along with crazy Tanya, really got to know each other. The following year, we started to homeschool our oldest daughter so I didn't see Jenny as much. Some time after that year, Jenny surprised me by bringing her kids home to homeschool them. That's when it all really began you see. She called me up and came over to talk to me about all things homeschool. We talked a lot about those things and eventually even starting getting together each week for an art class that we were doing with all of our kids. It was wonderful. I learned that she loved to scrapbook. I learned that she loved to quilt....that she is mostly self-taught.....and then I went and asked for it. I asked her to teach me to craft. Of course she said yes, because that's the kind of girl she is. That's when I was bitten by the craft bug.

Fast forward to today. Today I was running errands while Caroline was in ballet class and I decided to make a quick trip into Michael's Craft Store. I ran back to the scrapbooking section to see if I could find some 12x12 paper that tickled my fancy. As I rounded the corner, I saw it.....the huge Martha Stewart Crafts sign. Now, I like me some Martha. She's a bit of a control freak and that slays me but the woman is a crafting genius! She could make a paper bag look like a million bucks! I really thought I'd lose it as I walked down the aisle devoted to her new products. These and these really caught my eye. I could just picture them in the nice big craft room that I don't have :-o) I really, really wanted them, but that was true of everything in that aisle! I was grinning from ear to ear as I ran my hands across most of those products. I've never seen anything quite as lovely as the sight of all those organizational boxes, paper, cards, ribbon, kitchen string (it was even colored!), scrapbooks, etc. I think I truly experienced the feelings of "a kid in a candy store." I've never been so giddy in all my life. I can't explain to you how beautiful the scrapbooking paper was. I think I'll probably dream about these products! LOL!

So I revert back to my first statement. I blame Jenny. It was her craftiness and love of vibrant colors that rubbed off on me. She lured me to the dark side. I'll never be the same. From this point on, I'll have to take my husband to the craft store with me so that he can keep me from spending all of our money in the Martha Stewart aisle! Beautiful....everything was just beautiful!

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Leanne said...

Oh My WORD! I may never leave the links to this website!! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL! I don't do crafts but I can relate. I collect stickers and pretty papers (sounds real mature, huh?!) and I can't go near that place without spending a fortune!

jdoriot said... evil plan of sucking you into the crafting world has been successful...I must now go eat me a celebratory box o' chocs! lol!!

Anonymous said...

So funny! It really is difficult to control the crafting urge!

annie said...

Hi Sonya!
The crafting and art class sound like fun! Jenny is a sweetheart too.
Hope you have a great Wednesday.

JennaG said...

How funny--I love Michael's too. We don't have one here, though, and I didn't even know Martha Stewart had a line. I'm a big Hobby Lobby fan too--can hardly resist when rubber stamps are on sale!