Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night Fun

Last night, my hubby was sweet enough to take me to my favorite Chinese buffet to eat supper. I looked forward to it all afternoon and when it came time to leave, I rushed him out the door. I could not wait to get some coconut chicken, wonton soup, an egg roll, and that wonderful shrimp sauce. We arrived at the restaurant and I patiently waited at our table while hubs went to wash his hands. I could hardly contain my excitement because I knew I was going to get to taste that yummy coconut chicken! What seemed like thirty minutes later, hubs arrives at the table and we head off to the buffet. But let me back up a minute. You see, I didn't have to wash my hands since I had some antibacterial gel in my purse. I just popped it out, put it all over my hands, and I was ready to eat! Hubs can't do that. There's no using of antibacterial gel for him. He needs good ole fashioned soap and water! Also, it's our practice to go up to a buffet together. I never run off without him and vice versa. So anyway, he gets back to the table and we go up to the buffet. At this point, I'm salivating just thinking of that coconut chicken. I'm scanning the buffet and I can't see it anywhere! A little bit of panic sets in but I soldier on. Still, no coconut chicken. Alas, it's not on the buffet tonight because it's Friday....and we all know that Friday nights at a Chinese buffet means seafood. What?!!! I was shattered. The only thing I love better than coconut chicken is, well, nothing! After I got over the initial shock and realization that I wasn't getting coconut chicken for supper, I quickly embraced the sesame chicken. Just like my hubby said, you can't beat plain ole' sesame chicken! With a plate of sesame chicken, an egg roll, some glazed carrots, and two bowls of wonton soup under my belt, I left with a full belly and was ok with not getting my coconut chicken.

We made a quick stop into the movie store and then headed for home. As we were driving up the 4-lane, I happened to look over into a parking lot and saw the most bizarre thing.

It looked sort of like this:

Ok, it didn't look quite like this. What I saw was a deer family but the babies were much bigger than this. There were five deer in all. FIVE! They were scampering through the parking lot of what used to be an old flea market. There were two large ones and three "teenage" deer. LOL! It was a beautiful sight but we were worried that the deer may make their way down to the 4-lane. I hope the sound of the traffic scared them off.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, I feel your pain! We went to Red Lobster during the last weeks weeks of my pregnancy. I was craving their Outer Banks Sampler. We get settled in with our menus and suddenly, they look a little different. Sure enough, they've changed the menu up since the last time we were there and they no longer have it. I was crushed ... and preggy! I *teasingly* told the waitress she was nuts not to have it anymore. I told her I better just go across to McDonald's and get some fries, for crying out loud, LOL. She went and talked to the cook and brought me something as close as they could get it with the deviled crab and everything. Ahhh, it was so good. LOL! Not perfect, but close enough!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Coach J said...

I know what you mean, too! I'm sorry you didn't get your coconut chicken (I've never heard of that, actually!) but glad you could be satisfied with sesame chicken (my new favorite!)

Jenny said...

well...I really enjoyed the coconut chicken I ate there!! I had two big scoops of it...very coconuty! Yum-o...hate that you missed it! lol!! You should have tried that chicken with the jalapenos...that was good too...not as good as the coconut chicken which I had two scoops of...probably just a few hours before you got there! lol!

Mandalyn said...

So sorry about the coconut chicken! Glad you enjoyed the sesame chicken instead! I'm glad you got to enjoy a nice dinner with your husband!!:)