Monday, September 24, 2007

Homeschool Day at Rocky Mount

Last Monday, the girls and I went to our local living history museum. They have an annual homeschool day so we decided to take advantage of it. The museum itself is a self-guided tour that takes about an hour. They have several exhibits throughout the museum, which gives alot of historic information about Tennessee and specifically, our part of the state.

We met up with a family from our church and were able to tour the museum and the grounds with them. The grounds consist of several original structures including the housing quarters, a kitchen, a dining room, and a spinning room. These were all separate buildings, which was the way things used to be. I think it is genius that the kitchen was separated from the dining area and main house. All that heat stays down in the kitchen and the food was brought up to the dining room by servants. We enjoyed hearing the history of the Cobb family, seeing how food was cooked in the 1800s, learning how people dined, and watching a lady do some spinning. The children didn't seem happy to learn that back then, when it was time for the meals, the adults came to the table and ate first. The children were made to sit along the wall and wait until the adults finished their meals. Then, the children were fed. Boy, things sure have changed!

We spent about three hours there and had a wonderful time. I forgot to pack a picnic lunch for us so we had to leave early to go home and eat. We did manage to snap a few photos while we were there. Here I am with a few of the children. We were at the barn looking for the sheep when my oldest took this pictures.

.We had a great time and we'll be going back at least once this year. The museum has a special Christmas event each year. I want to go and try to enjoy since the one time we did go, I stayed outside throwing up in the bushes! LOL! The Candlelight Christmas event is one that you have to have reservations for. We made them one year and about a week before we were to go, my youngest got the flu. She ended up staying with her grandparents so that Jeff and I could take Logan. I was going right along until we started the GROUP tour through the grounds. We got inside the main house and the little lady was giving her presentation. I think she sensed something was wrong with me because she kept looking over at me with concern on her face. Remember, this is the dead of winter and it was cold! I broke out in a cold sweat...the worst of my life. I started to feel dizzy and started to sway. Jeff realized something was wrong and whispered to ask if I was ok. I managed a short answer but as soon as I got it out, I had to head for the door. I made it just outside the door when I had to barf. It was awful. Thank goodness I was able to shut the door on my way out! Can you imagine all of those other people who paid to see the Candlelight Christmas presentation only to see my barfing in the bushes! LOL! I still laugh about that night! Oh, I guess you're wondering what was wrong with me....I had the flu as well! Oh the memories......

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Anonymous said...

LOL, awww, poor thing. What a memory, though, LOL!!

We love to tour the old Plantation homes out here in SC. Like you, I've always found it neat how the kitchen isn't in the main house. We were told, on our last tour, that it's not only done that way to keep the heat out of the rest of the house, but to save the rest of the home from a fire if there ever was a kitchen fire. Talk about smart! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful field trip! I do hope you will be able to go back and enjoy the Christmas event (without the sickness, of course)!

LoveMyStarr said...

Oh know!! How awful! I'm glad you had a good trip with the girls though.

gail@more than a song said...

That does sound like a good field trip, cute picture...if you get to do the Christmas one again I hope you enjoy it fully without being sick!