Monday, September 24, 2007

I Hate Spiders

Last night, as I let the cat out, I noticed a spider web outside the front door. I also noticed that there was a spider in it and he was moving around. I was intrigued so I took a closer look. This little buddy was spinning some silk around the supper he was saving for later. It looked like a fly but at this point, it was more of a fly mummy. Normally I would run, screaming in the other direction. I DO NOT like spiders. We seem to attract them though. The front of our house has this weird little stoop. The house is a split foyer and there's no nice wrapping porch on this baby. So this stoop tends to be the hang out place for spiders of all sorts. Sometimes I'll walk out the door only to have my face wrapped up in a web! I've tried everything to keep them away but alas, they have taken over. The only way I can seem to keep them at bay is to go and sweep down the vinyl siding all around the front door. I have to do this about every two days to keep them away. If I wait longer, they make their home there and I end up sweeping all of the webs down onto the top of my head. Sigh.....If it's not snakes or ants, it's spiders.

I tried to snap a photo so you could see him but I'm not sure you can really tell. It was about 2am and very dark outside. Even with the porch light on, I couldn't get a lot of detail. Actually, I wasn't getting any closer than I already was. It's funny....every time I woke up last night, I was itching. I guess I was dreaming about this little bugger!

I hope your Monday has been a good one. Try not to dream about spiders tonight!

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LoveMyStarr said...

And you had to take a picture that I can barely even look at!! We have a really large spider web complete with spider right when you walk out our front door, too. Last week he caught a huge dragonfly. I was tempted to take a picture but knew I wouldn't be able to without being totally freaked out!

Anonymous said...

Ewww! Ewwww! Ewwww! Ewwww! That gave me the willies! LOL!

gail@more than a song said...

I don't like them either! And we seem to have waaaaayyy too many, outside and inside..yuck.