Friday, November 16, 2007

Fundraising Ideas

At some point in our lives, each of us have probably been involved with fundraising events . I remember having bake sales as a way to earn money for little league uniforms when I was a child. Those of you with children in public school know all too well about fundraising. Your child comes home several times each year with some sort of fundraising paper.

As an adult, I've always felt the urge to do things to benefit others, especially during the holidays. I've always felt so blessed with family, friends, and financial stability. When I found these wonderful ideas for Thanksgiving fundraisers, I was tickled! What a wonderful thing to get the kids involved with. I especially love the idea of donating food to our local food bank. I was shocked to learn just how many people visit one particular homeless shelter in our area. Thanksgiving Day is a huge day at the shelter as many come to eat a Thanksgiving meal. We can help just by donating a turkey and some canned goods. Simple, affordable, and beneficial to many.

Another wonderful idea I found was for charity fundraisers. There are many wonderful things to get involved with such as breast cancer awareness or Locks of Love. One interesting fundraiser I found was a shave your head for charity fundraiser. I saw a video of a teacher who encouraged 120 of her students to donate $2.00 worth of pennies to cancer research. In return for their donations, the teacher shaved her head.

These are only a few of the ways we can become involved in fundraising. Not only does this benefit people in need, I believe it teaches us a lot about giving and humanity.

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Ayush said...

Yes, each one of us at least once in our life time should be involved in Fund Raising activity for good purpose.
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