Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stephen King Flicks

One movie that I enjoyed watching a few years ago was Storm of the Century. I was shocked to learn that Stephen King wrote it. I'm not sure how I missed that but I didn't realize it until today. The movie had a sad ending but overall, it was an enjoyable movie. I liked the suspense in the movie and the courage of the captain of the ship. Of all the things King has written, that's probably my favorite one. I remember watching Pet Sematary many years ago and it scared me to death. It gives me shivers thinking about it now because we have 5 cats and in that movie, the family cat was killed but came back to life and was not very nice. I also remember reading Thinner at some point in high school.

I mention all of this because I was watching the movie trailer for The Mist by Stephen King earlier today. I guess I should also say that these types of films are hard for me to get into. As a kid, I was totally fooled. As an adult, I tend to laugh at the creatures in sci-fi movies or thrillers like this one. I do enjoy the suspense in these types of films. The Mist looks like it may be entertaining but I'm a little worried about the lady in the trailer with the Bible. She seems to be portrayed as being a little "off her rocker". I'll be interested to see how her character is played out. If you like these types of films, go check out the trailer to see what you think.

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LoveMyStarr said...

I've read a few of his books and have seen several movies as a teenager, but I don't watch a lot fo those types now.