Thursday, December 6, 2007

Company Christmas Party

When I do laundry, I rarely ever check pockets. I don't like to take time to do it. I know it's a simple task that I need to master but I just hate to take the time to do it. I assume that everyone will check their pockets before throwing things into the dirty clothes. I need to stop assuming that because even I have forgotten and left a piece of paper or money in a pocket on occasion.

Monday, I was to meet hubby so that we could go to his company Christmas party. I was finishing up some last minute things and decided to get my clothes out and iron them. I had spent this morning doing all of our laundry and my new sweater was air drying across a chair in the house. I scooped it up and tossed it into the dryer for a quick fluff. When I got it out, I decided I'd hang it up to let the rest of the wrinkles fall out. I pulled a silver paper out of the dryer and tossed it into the trash. I never paid any attention to what it was....until I noticed something blue stuck to the sleeve of my NEW sweater. I gasped out loud as I figured out it was gum that was stuck to the sweater (did I mention it was new?). I tried to pull it off but it was too gooey. In a panic, I tried to think of an alternate plan for clothing this evening. Then I remembered reading somewhere, that you could put an ice cube on the gum and it would flake off easier. I yelled at our oldest daughter to bring me a cube of ice and I waited patiently as I held it on top of the gum on my sweater. I breathed a sigh of relief when I started picking at the gum and it did come off easier. Whew!

The Christmas party was held at the General Morgan Inn. This place is beautiful. We had a wonderful variety of gourmet food to munch on and there was a huge crowd. After supper, there was some entertainment (a comedian) and then we played Bingo. I have to tell you that my hubby is a winner almost every time he plays. This year was no exception. He won $150! Two years ago at the company Christmas party, he won $300. It was a nice time and I won a pink poinsettia. The kids stayed all night with my MIL so the house was very quiet. I got some much needed rest before picking them up! It was a nice little break since December tends to be a busy month. Have you been to any Christmas parties yet?

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ZAM said...

Wow! Your husband is a lucky man. But you're luckier! That's lots! I was counting the posts that should be made before $300 can get in the wallet but your lucky man got it in one night!

Glad the gum came off. it's just so tough when we get these once in a while.

jenn said...

I love to play bingo. My mom's church plays at their harvest festival, and it's what I look forward to the most!

Glad you got the gum off your sweater. I would never have remembered about the ice. Quick thinking, my friend!

Enjoy your day!

jenn said...

I have some awards for you!

Anonymous said...

How fun that your hubby won $150! That's a nice chunk right before the holidays. Thanks for the ice tip. I am glad it solved your problem!