Thursday, December 13, 2007

Popcorn and Elvis

Lately, I've been thinking about some of the things I really enjoyed and miss about NYC. Don't read too much into this since I assure you I am a small town girl at heart. I love where we live. It's beautiful, small, close to family, and is very homeschool friendly. We have quiet neighbors, it is relatively safe (except for a domestic dispute next door and the two drug dealing murderers who use to live 30 yards away), and we are close to a great book store. I can't imagine living anywhere else. But back to NYC. I suppose that since I grew up watching the Today show, NYC had a certain nostalgia to it. I never thought I'd get to visit but was thrilled when we had opportunity last year. So, on to the things I enjoyed and miss.

Dale & Thomas Popcorn was a wonderful surprise. I did a lot of research before our trip and found that everyone raved about the popcorn from D&T. They had a little store in upper Manhattan (I think that's where it is) and you could go in and get this big bag of popcorn for $6.50. Oh it was so good. We bought a bag to eat on the plane ride home. After it was gone, I was very sad. I ordered some online last year as a gift to my BIL. I won't do that again because it is crazy expensive and the bags of popcorn are so small compared to what we got while up there. I miss the popcorn and if I ever go back to NYC, I'm taking an empty suitcase so that I can fill it with bags of popcorn I'll buy from the D&T store. My favorite was peanut butter and white chocolate drizzle.

Another thing I miss is Peanut Butter & Company. Again, I found this by doing research before our trip. I went here while strolling around Manhattan by myself while hubby was working. I remember walking through Washington Square Park on my way to find this place. They serve an Elvis sandwich that I had to try. Anything that carries the Elvis name has to be good! It's a grilled peanut butter sandwich with bananas and honey. For extra measure, I ordered it with bacon too. It was huge and I savored every bite. Yes, I could probably make this at home but going to PB&Co. is way better. It was such a brisk, peaceful day when I sat in the cafe and ate my sandwich. I remember thinking, "Jeff would think it was nuts to order this since I could make it at home", and later he did say that to me! LOL!

I'm not sure if there is a corporate relocation in our future but if so, I hope it's to a small town that has great specialty popcorn and sandwiches as good as my Elvis.

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