Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Weight Loss Resolution for 2008

It seems like every year, I'm talking about starting the year fresh by exercising and loosing some weight. I never seem to do it but I really would love to take the necessary steps to see that happen. I have the perfect place to walk since we live in a quiet subdivision. Treadmills are expensive but I'd love to have a new electric one to put in the garage to use in the winter months. I have an old manual one but that thing is just so hard on my knees. I ache for days after using it.

I guess if I could find a diet plan that I could stick to, I would have better success as well. I've tried doing a low calorie diet but I always get so hungry. I don't need to loose major weight, only about twenty pounds. That sounds simple and easy enough. I think I have issues with diets in general because as soon as I hear the word, I'm hungry. I would love to find some kind of plan that would work in conjunction with exercise to help me lose the weight in a decent amount of time. I need to cut my caffeine in take, which I'm sure makes me crave food. Then there is my issue with sugar. At some point I have to realize that my diet is unhealthy because it consists of 90% sugar. Once I get a grip on my sweet tooth, I'm sure I could do well. So for 2008, I want to change my diet to be more health conscious and I want to get a good treadmill so that I'll exercise more. Today I'm off to make a plan to do these things. After all, if you write something down, aren't you more accountable to follow through? I sure hope so!

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