Monday, January 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan. 14

I am very excited to do my menu this week after DJ led me to a wonderful new meal planner. I worked with it over the weekend and I absolutely love it! It is so easy to use and I will be using it from here on out. If you're looking for a good online meal planner, check this one out. You can schedule breakfast, lunch, and supper. I've never planned breakfast or lunch before and because I haven't, we tend to have the same things each morning for breakfast. I'm sure the kids are not excited about that and it gets old really quickly. I love that you can plan all three meals and you can even pull menus from the Meals Matter recipe database! You can print out your menu and stick it on your fridge once you've finalized it. I can't say enough about it! Now on to our menu for the week.....

Monday ~ Blake's lasagna, salad, garlic bread ~ I will post the recipe for this as soon as I find it. It is very good and I call it Blake's lasagna because he cooked this for our family recently. He is a young, single man from our church whose rental house recently burned down. He lost all of his possessions in the fire and is working hard to try and resume his normal life. If you go here, you can scroll down and read a little about Blake's loss. Please do pray for him.

Tuesday ~ Eat Out ~ We usually go out on this night since Jeff has bagpipe practice. We normally go to our favorite local Mexican place. So yummy!

Wednesday ~ Burgers, fries, broc 'n' cheese. We haven't made burgers at home in at least a month! I think I'll add some bacon and swiss cheese to them!

Thursday ~ Pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls

Friday ~ Corn chowder (from Fix It and Forget It), bread

Saturday ~ Smoked pork roast w/slaw, potato wedges, cowboy beans

Sunday ~ Pizza (probably DiGiorno or Freschetta)

Along with using a new menu planner comes the excitement of using new recipes. I hope to use a couple of new ones next week. For more menus, check out Laura's place.

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Momma said...

I am really hungry right now and your menu is fab! I will definitely be checking out that menu planner. Thanks for the tip!

annie said...

I ♥ DJ, your menu sounds yummy! I'm going to check out the meal planner too.

zamejias said...

I love that burger. Especially if there's more cheese...and some pickles. And also pizza with lots of cheese too. You can call me a cheese-y person alright!