Friday, February 1, 2008

Are You A Leap Year Baby?

Yesterday, my 13yo asked me, "if someone is born on February 29, which only comes around during leap years, how do they celebrate their birthdays each year?"

I can't say that I've ever thought about it but now it's driving me nuts. So, if you were born on February 29, please share your answer with us. My husband thinks it's cool because you only age every four years :-o) He's a silly bird. It is kind of cool though, if you're an adult. However, if you're a child, I'm sure you don't think it's so great. I think it would be a neat excuse to throw a huge birthday bash every four years!


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jenn said...

My friends boyfriend's birthday is feb. 29th. On non-leap years, they celebrate it the 28th. This year he's turning 8!

Anonymous said...

I've been asking the same ? eversince. And this is a perfect example that age is really just numbers. heheh.

Anyway, I have something for you at VERB

annie said...

I've wondered that too!

Anonymous said...

My hubby's aunt is a leap year baby. She celebrates on the 28th.