Monday, March 31, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 31

I didn't get around to making a few things on our menu last week because we had a bit of a hectic schedule. Hopefully I'll be more successful with our meals this week!

Monday ~ Boca chicken patties, baked potato, salad

Tuesday ~ Subway night

Wednesday ~ Beer soaked beef (WW), parmesan mashed potatoes(WW), steamed green beans, salad

Thursday ~ Chili beef tacos (WW), fat-free refried beans, chips w/salsa

Friday ~ Layered Mexican chicken (WW), chips w/queso

Saturday ~ Baked beef ziti (WW), bread, salad

Sunday ~ Black bean soup (WW)

I have no idea what to serve with black bean soup. Any suggestions? For more MPM's, visit Laura. If you're interested in any of the Weight Watchers recipes here, email me and I'll get them to you (I can't link to them). Happy Monday to you!

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jenn said...

I decided to take the plunge and give WW another try, starting tomorrow. How much have you lost so far?

annie said...

Your menu looks great Sonya!

Fergie said...

Hi Sonya,
Thanks for stopping by. Your menu looks yummy. I'm about to go catch up on a few of your historical post. I love exploring new blogs.

mom_of2boys said...

You menu sounds good. Love see WW items. I'm trying to follow WW again.

storyteller said...

Yummy menus for the week! I always enjoy a fresh green salad with lots of 'goodies' in it with soup of any kind ... and maybe tortillas?

I stopped by to let you know I left something for you at Small Reflections a little while ago to enjoy and share with others.

Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

We do Subway every Tuesday night. (It's "buy one, get one".) :-)