Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fads, The Coming and Going

Last night, we were outside working and our conversation turned to fads that were around in the 80s. You remember them.....leg warmers, big hair, banana clips, Michael Jackson, leather pants, red Reeboks. And what was it with the guys who wore those long dangling earrings in one ear? At least those are the things that were hot in my neck of the woods. The funny thing is, I had or knew someone who had all of those things. I'm sure I've mentioned my Michael Jackson craze back in the day. Don't laugh. He still looked like a man then! I had it bad. I even had the red leather jacket replica....and the silver sequence glove. Yep, I'm sad, I know. It's funny to think back on those days but what's even more surprising to me is that some of those fads are coming back. Our oldest daughter is obsessed with getting leg warmers. I tried explaining to her that some fads need to stay in the past, leg warmers being one of them! LOL!

The girls have gone through many fads. Some of the most recent were pink ballerinas and horses. The ballerinas died hard when we stopped taking our youngest to ballet lessons. The horses lasted for awhile. In fact, they are still around to some degree. We put up horse border in their bedroom and it's still there. The craze of all things horse has all but settled down, finally. There was a time when Logan was taking horseback riding lessons. That whole summer, she was crazy about horses and anything that had to do with them. She wanted us to move to the country so that she could buy a horse and keep it on the land she wanted us to purchase. I have no idea where she thought we would get all of the cash to make this happen. Anyway, there's a farm supply store near our house and I remember her begging me to take her there. She just wanted to look around. Then she discovered that Petsmart carried saddles , helmets, and other basic riding supplies. It was crazy! She would spend so much time looking through things and talking about how she would use this piece of equipment or that piece of clothing.

Seeing the kids go through these stages reminds me of being a kid. Isn't it fun to think back on all of the crazy phases you went through at their age? If nothing else, it's great entertainment! I'm still laughing at some of the things my friends and I liked. Remember DeBarge? They had that wildly popular song, "Rhythm of the Night." I remember my best friends and I making up a dance to that song. I'm so glad my mom never invested in a video camera!

How about you? What things did you love back in the day? Come on, you can share. I promise I won't laugh.....well, maybe a little!

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annie said...

One of my bffs was nuts about Michael Jackson too, she wore a glove (one glove) everywhere and taught herself to moonwalk... oh the 80's!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess I am with you because when you said, "I'm sad." the first thing that popped into my head was "You're sad. You're sad. You know it. You're sad."

Also, I just posted about my daughter getting jelly shoes, but I am with you on the leg warmers. We can't go back to those!

jenn said...

I wasn't ever really a michael jackson fan, but I loved new kids on the block.

Jennifer said...

I was in love with Michael Jackson too. I had a poster of him on the back of my bedroom door. He had a yellow sweater vest you remember that one??

Jelly shoes LOVED THEM...had a million pairs. Friendship bracelets....leg warmers....Aqua Net hairspray to get my bangs to stand straight up....lace gloves....

Ahhhh....the 80's..