Friday, August 22, 2008

How Are You Dealing?

A friend and I were talking about gas prices the other day and how nice it was that gas has come down 30 cents a gallon in the last month. As soon as we spoke the words, we started to laugh. How funny, we're excited that gas is only $3.48 a gallon now! The same evening, hubby and I were talking about changes we were going to have to make in our driving habits. We've already started to really consolidate our trips to town. A few hours after our conversation, we ran across an article about food costs and how they will continue to stay high like they are now. Now, staying home more is more than easy to do but you have to eat! Not long after that, we ran across another article informing us that our energy bills would be going up as much as $20 more each month. We started talking about ways to cut our energy costs and have already started by changing most of our light bulbs to florescent. We only have a few ceiling fans in the house that still have regular bulbs and we'll phase those out soon.

It's crazy.....every time you turn around, the cost of something sky rockets. I don't see how many families are doing it. I have a couple of friends who do futures trading and I'm not sure how they continue to do that. I can't figure out where we're heading but it can't be good. It seems we (our country) just continue to go in debt. How far can you go and still dig yourself out?

I'm curious how you guys are dealing with the rising cost of things. What are you doing to conserve gas? Energy? How are you dealing with the rise in food costs? I feel like our family is doing all of the obvious things to conserve and be frugal but I'm always curious about what others are doing. Maybe some of you have thought of something I haven't.


Misty said...

wow! first of all, our gas has gone down too. Almost 50 cents! it's now $3.90 a gallon... how completely crappy is that???

Second, i've found that a great way to conserve gas is to have one of your cars suddenly, and unexplainably, quit working... now, this isn't exactly cost effective because undetermined amounts of money are being poured into said car...

But really, i don't know how people do it either...

Joyful Days said...

I was thinking the same thing the other day, excited that gas was lower and then realizing it was still at a ridiculously high level!

We are dealing with it by carpooling--we are going to take a couple children to activities with us--their moms are busy (with other siblings) & I can use the gas $$. We may be doing some extra waiting because they are not all at exactly the same time, but I can live with it.

Also, we have a van and a small car. The car gets about 30mph. The van is sitting most days and I drive the car. I will only be driving it one day a week this fall.

My husband is now working from home 90% of the time. That has been a huge blessing.

Managing the food budget by buying on sale, not eating out, trying to eat seasonal items too. Those bulbs are expensive to buy, but very, very worth the investment.

Great topic!

Ambalal said...


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