Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

A few months ago, my sweet friend K made me a beautiful necklace. She and I have been on a journey of sorts. We started trying to live healthier and using each other as motivation. In doing this, we became close friends. This has been a real blessing to me because I left my best friends behind when I left my hometown seventeen years ago. As the years passed, we just lost touch because we lived a few hours apart. I have really missed having those relationships but I also realize that people change and their lives go in different directions.

I am so thankful for K and look forward to many years of laughing really hard, crying equally as hard, and just general fellowship. I wanted to share a picture of the necklace and remind you to be thankful for those friends in your life.

The circles each have an inscription on them: Strength, Focus, Imagine, Passion, Integrity, and Discipline.

I love it K! Thank you so much for your friendship and encouragement. You are truly a blessing from the Lord.


Misty said...

what a great gift! Truly... I love it. and what a beautiful necklace!

gail@more than a song said...

A wonderful thing to have good friends, and what a sweet thing she did for you! You look so pretty in your picture!

Sonya said...

Thanks Gail! My mom says my eyes look weird in this picture! Oh well....I really just wanted to show what the necklace looked like on anyway! HA!

annie said...

That's so very sweet.