Friday, November 28, 2008

Bathroom Project: Take 2

Well, we are finally piecing our bathroom back together. You remember our bathroom. The one we called plumbers to come and fix this summer. The bathroom that they made a bigger mess of than even the original leak caused. The same bathroom that they worked on for three days and still didn't fix. The same plumbers who left to go get a part and never came back. Uh yeah. Those guys. That bathroom.

In the end, Jeff ended up fixing the leak himself. Then we started trying to put things back together but decided to go as slowly as we needed to. We put up new sheet rock and got it all ready to paint (which I still need to do). About a month ago, we put down ceramic tile, which we had never done before. So now it's ready to be painted and as usual, I'm having that "what color do I want to paint it dilemma." The new toilet is sitting patiently in the garage to be installed. I'm looking for a new sink, maybe even one of those cool vessel sinks to jazz it up a bit. But before any of those things can be installed, little old me has to decide on paint and get that done. I'm going shabby chic in there so of course I want to paint the walls pink. Trouble is, it has to be the perfect light shade of pink and I can't choose one from a swatch. However, I'm going to have to decide soon because we've made a rule that the girls can have no one over to stay all night until we get it done. They have waited patiently so my plan is to bust it out next week and get the painting all done. I seriously never thought it would take me so long to get this done.

I go through stages like this though. I'll paint everything I can get my hands on, and then I get sick of it and quit for months. No more excuses though. Not even the new book I bought a few days ago is going to deter me from the task at hand. It's time to resurrect the throne room that is our bathroom :-)