Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eating, Eating, and More Eating

Every year it happens. Come Thanksgiving, I'm telling myself that there is no way I'm going to over eat during the holidays. I tell myself I'll drink lots of water or that I'll eat a snack before the big meal. You can guess what happens, can't you? Every time, I get sucked in by the yummy food.....especially dessert. It was no surprise that when I walked into my cousin's house last night, the dessert table was the first one in my path. I think she did that to entice me :-) Laying in front of me were some of my favorite things....pumpkin rolls, peanut butter rolls, big honkin' sugar cookies with two inches of icing on top, etc. You get the picture. Now how in the world was I suppose to control myself? It was all over before I even sat down. Can you say Leptorexin to the rescue? Ok, it isn't that bad yet but I'm telling you, I find it nearly impossible to say no to the dessert table.

I guess I am glad that my family was kind enough to remember the 999 times I mentioned wanting Wii Fit. They got it for me for Christmas and it could not have come at a better time. I know I've put on at least five pounds since Thanksgiving. So, as soon as I get some batteries, I'm gonna fire that baby up and get to work. I'll have to let you know how it goes.



Sara said...

Yes, that eating thing...but, it is the only time of the year I splurge and eat wonderful desserts and cookies - like the sour cream pound cake that I am now consuming a slice of.