Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get A Life....Seriously!

Seriously, what is the deal with truckers? Don't get me wrong....I know some of them are nice normal people. But what's with the male truckers who feel the need to express themselves to other women drivers?

I'm sure as a child, you remember being in the car with your parents on your way to some sweet vacation spot (for me it was usually always Myrtle Beach). You're driving along and you come upon an 18-wheeler. So, you do what any normal American child has been taught to do. You start making a pumping action with your arm so that the trucker will blow his horn. Just go ahead and admit it....we've all done it. We can wallow in our humiliation together.

This past week, my mom was visiting from West Virginia. We headed into town to do some shopping. As we were driving, I heard mom start giggling. I asked her what was up and she told me to look out her window. I glanced out to see this 18-wheeler driving beside us. The driver of the truck had held up a cardboard sign to his window and was smiling real big at my mom. His handwritten sign said "Hi Pritty." Ok, first of all, that's so lame. The man had a pre-written cardboard sign in his truck, which means that he does this often! That's just wrong people! If that's not enough, the ding dong misspelled pretty! BAH! My mom was totally embarrassed and we couldn't stop laughing!

Here's my advice to all these hard working truckers......#1 stop being so lame. It's not very attractive. # 2, and most importantly, learn to spell! As my good friend Jenny would say, sheeshamoley! Pretty really isn't a hard word to spell and if you're going to use it, you really should know how to spell it!

That's my two cents for the day........


Annie said...

Hilarious... reminds me of one of my many pet peeves... business names misspelled. On purpose. :)


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TedR said...

Ha, I believe it makes them feel macho.

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hily said...

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