Friday, March 16, 2007

Curious Caroline

Have you ever wondered why kids do some of the things they do? For a week, I've been wondering that as I watched my 8 year old do some things that I just don't understand! Let me start by saying that Caroline is a very curious child. She has a strong personality and sometimes is in a world all her own (just like her daddy)! She has a very sweet side also. She reminds me alot of my mom and my grandmother. She has long red hair, just like both of them did (granny's is now streaked with gray and my mom's has been blonde for years). She has some of the most beautiful freckles I've ever seen. She has some very elegant mannerisms. She is very girly. Then there is her other know, headstrong, always wanting to be in control, feeling as though she can do anything without getting hurt....the list does go on! I love watching her live life. She loves taking ballet lessons, she sings like a bird, she is smart, she loves computers, and she loves to please her parents.

This past week was just one of those weeks. Caroline has been testing the boundaries so as to figure out her limits. Alot of the things she has done aren't things done out of malice. They are things that I just don't quite understand! This week alone she has:

  1. Poked holes in about 10 apples with a holder for corn on the cob.
  2. She was intrigued by the vinegar I put out to use in a recipe. When I was out of the room, she thought she would pour some down the kitchen drain......why? I have no idea!
  3. She poured 1/3 of a bottle of dishwashing liquid onto my dishrag that was in the sink. I washed dishes with that rag for about 4 days before all of the soap came out!
  4. She took my bread knife and sliced into the top of one of my kitchen drawers.....I'm going to have to sand the drawer down good in order to even out the edge!
  5. She has a habit of digging her nails into my candles and scratching a bunch of the wax into a little pile. She can never seem to resist sticking her finger into the warm candle wax when it is cooling. I ALWAYS find fingerprints in the wax! LOL!
  6. She stuck a wooden spoon into hot candle wax and then decided to scrape one of my skillets with it. The wax dried and the skillet still has wax in it!
  7. She took a water squirt bottle and decided to shoot one of my pictures with it. This would have been no problem except that the picture doesn't have glass in it and she squirted water directly on the pictures and the matte.

Call me crazy but this seems like alot for an 8 year old to get into in one week. It's funny....she didn't do all of these things in one day. She did one thing each day. Go figure! She didn't do these things to be mean. She was just curious. I would just love to be a fly on the wall when she starts to do something like this. What is she thinking? I mean, what did she think after she finished poking holes in all 10 apples? LOL! I don't recall being like this as a child. I played with Barbie dolls and stayed outside the rest of the time. Who knows, maybe I did some of these things and just don't remember them.....I'll have to call my mom tonight and ask her!


kellygirl said...

Oh man..i just have to comment. Because I am having flash backs of myself. Of the bathroom when I was young. There was wallpaper in the bathroom and it did not quite go into the corner. It looked like it should've been pushed in more. Well I was 'curious' and stuck my finger in. But I did not stop there..oh no..I ran the rip down quiet a few inches (10 maybe). I can still remember my parents asking me..."what were you thinking?" I understand, because I was like that as a child. Now I need to be mindful as my son is just about as curious as I was!

LoveMyStarr said...

She is beautiful!! Wow! I did some testy things as a child, but I sure don't remember why. They just seemed like a good idea at the time.