Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things That Get On My Nerves

  1. Credit card companies that give you the run around when you have to call them to correct a mistake
  2. The music they play while you are on hold waiting for the credit card company to fix the mistake
  3. Going to Walmart near midnight and having to wait in line while they do their change of day (they do this at midnight....take the money drawer, count the drawer, and put a new one in)
  4. When my cats claw my furniture
  5. When my cat wakes me up in the mornings by biting my head
  6. Scrubbing a dirty microwave....can't the person who blows up the food just clean it up right away!!!!!!
  7. When I get in the car and find that I'm out of gas (I especially hate this in the winter because it's so cold when you have to pump gas!)
  8. Putting up laundry....don't mind washing and folding but I hate hanging it and putting it away
  9. Kmart check-out lines.....these have to be the worst ever! It takes forever to get checked out because they usually only have two or three registers open
  10. Being late for anything....this drives me mad. I like to be right on time!
  11. Going to get ice and being out because no one filled the ice trays
  12. Cracking ice trays....I like for the ice to be in a bowl in the fridge so I can just reach in and get it out
  13. When I try to wake someone up and 30 minutes later I'm still trying to get them up

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Raggedy said...

Your link at the hub takes you to your TT from last week. Go to hub and advertise again. Make sure your URL reads:
We have many of the same issues. Ice is empty and I grab the trays to crack the ice and they are EMPTY!
Number 13 is here too.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Raggedy said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!
I am glad you joined in!

Selena Kitt said...

Two words: automatic icemaker

LOVE mine! :)


Jenny said...

I hate those waiting music things too. Whoever thought it up should be shot!

Pen said...

Being late really gets on my nerves! Literally, I guess, since I am so nervous when I am running late. My husband is just the opposite ALWAYS late and it doesn't phase him one bit.

jdoriot said... everyone's going to go to Walmart and try to knock the money drawers out of the cashier's midnight!! Way to so called friend of Walmart! lol!! And about the in the world do you manage to get your ice trays into the freezer without spilling them everywhere?? BTW, show us a picture of your living room re-do!!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh I really hate the folding and ironing. I can wash and dry the laundry with no problem. But the clothes usually sit in the dryer for awhile.

I need help in my TT choosing scents for soaps.

LoveMyStarr said...

When a different person from Bell South calls you every day to ask you to switch to their DSL after you've already told them NO 5 times!!

I'm stressed just thinking about your list.

BTW -- your site is fixed!! Yeah!!

Vader's Mom said...

I agree with you on the laundry. I still have some folded and sitting on the washer from last Sunday afternoon.