Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I Enjoyed While Visiting NYC

  1. Dale and Thomas popcorn....If I had known ahead of time how good it is, I would have brought along an empty suitcase just to bring popcorn home in!
  2. The subway....I really enjoyed riding the subway. I saw some interesting things while riding. It's not every day that this country girl gets to see people of all ethnic backgrounds and classes crammed into standing room only spaces! I saw a Mexican guy playing the guitar going from car to car, a kid selling candy, a comedian, a group of four men singing. and tons of ipods! Not to mention all of the musical groups that performed in the subway stations while people waited for the train. A few of them included a 65-70 year old man playing Christmas songs on the keyboard, a grunge type band, a man playing violin, and a sax player....I think I remember a cello player as well.
  3. The roasted peanuts sold from stands on the street. These babies were like gold nuggets!
  4. The Charmin bathrooms....corny maybe but they were alot of fun. Since public restrooms are scarce in Manhattan, the Charmin bathrooms were a welcomed sight after a long day of walking! From what I understand, Charmin donated these bathrooms to the city because of the need for public restrooms. You had to wait in line to use these bathrooms because after each use, an employee would go in and "freshen up" the restroom for the next person! LOL! There were about ten individual bathrooms and the employees were super friendly. They danced around and had people doing the "Charmin dance" with them while waiting in line. It was a riot!
  5. Walking....yes, you read this correctly. I enjoyed all of the walking we had to do. We probably averaged ten miles a day and I loved every step! Jeff wasn't as happy about it since he injured his feet playing baseball in high school. I don't think I saw an overweight New Yorker! They were all very trim and I'm sure it's because they have to walk so much!
  6. Chinatown...This was really neat. We loved the fresh fish market there and had a good time watching the storekeepers interact with customers. It would be really neat to be able to walk down to one of these fish markets and get fresh stuf everyday!
  7. The view from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. This was probably my favorite attraction simply because of the view of the city. It was awesome although when we were there it was the second week of December and very cold. The wind almost froze my cheeks off! I got some great photos from up there and it was cool to see all of the yellow taxis below!
  8. The Hello Deli...This was fun because we got to meet Rupert Gee and his wife. His wife has to be the sweetest person alive. We had lunch there and he was kind enough to take a picture with us. We've always thought he was very funny.
  9. Peanut Butter & Co....I went here to eat while Jeff was in a seminar. I had the Elvis and fell in love with it. I would love to have one of these places in my neighborhood! Who doesn't love peanut butter!
  10. Central Park....Amazing! It was beautiful, even for December! It is so big that we only had time to walk half of it! We also saw a movie being filmed while we were there. The movie is supposed to be called Sassy Girl and will be out sometime in 2007. Very cool to see all of these actors and directors filming while people are walking through the park!
  11. The view from Brooklyn Bridge at night. We were walking the bridge about 11pm one night and the view was just beautiful. Everything was lit up and it was breathtaking.
  12. Times Square. This seemed to be where everyone stayed until late at night. We spent one night standing on the street watching a Dallas Cowboys/New York Giants football game. There was a huge tv screen up and there were pockets of people standing everywhere watching the game. I was surprised at how much New Yorkers love their football team! I kept quiet since, next to the Colts, the Cowboys are one of my favorite teams! LOL! BTW, the Cowboys won the game. It was a heartbreaker for NY.
  13. The plane ride home! Manhattan was so much fun for me but by the end of the week, I was ready to come home to the slow pace of our country life. The girls were here at home with their grandparents and even though we talked to them everyday on the phone and emailed them every night, I missed having them by my side. This was the first time Jeff and I had ever been anywhere without them!

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jennyr said...

i haven't been to NYC yet...i would love to go there someday...sounds like a nice place! my 1st goal is to see the statue of liberty when i get there,hehehe! thanks for sharing~!my tt list is here:

Mama Duck said...

Sounds like fun, I want to go visit there sometime. Happy TT!

Lisa - Lil Duck Duck

Selena Kitt said...

I've never been, either! But sounds like you had fun!


Pen said...

Sounds like you had a good time! I have never been to NYC, but would love to one day!

Happy TTing!

Carrie! :o) said...

I've never been to NYC and don't have any desire to go. But, if I do get there, I wanna use the Charmin bathrooms, LOL!

Great List!

jdoriot said...

What a great TT!! I always love reading your posts...I feel like I've been to NYC!!! What a blessing to get to take a trip with Jeff...alone!

JennaG said...

I went to NYC with my teenage daughter on a missions trip 2 years ago. I , too, am a small town girl and it was quite the culture shock. I loved it and I would love to take the rest of my family back to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there! The view from the bridge is gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

I really enjoyed your view of NYC! I have lived in NYC for 5 years now and it's so nice to see it through someone else's eyes and be reminded about the beautiful things that Manhattan has to offer. I ride the subway to work overday and hate all the crowds and probably could't tell you what the guy playing the keyboard in my station was even singing! Your trip sounds wonderful and I'm glad you got to see all that good that is still in this city. I do love my home but sometimes I wish I lived somewhere with a few million less people. ;)