Monday, April 2, 2007

Menu Plan Monday April 2-8

I'm going to try this again. It seems that I always get off track during the week. I do good the first two days of the week and then something happens and I'm off my plan! I'm going to try to make it all the way this week though!

Monday: Soup beans w/cornbread and ham

Tuesday: Bowtie pasta w/my friend Samantha's red pasta sauce, salad, bread (This could change since my Lady Vols are playing for the national championship this night! GO LADY VOLS!!!)

Wednesday: Salmon Pasta Primavera, salad, bacon bread (from last week)

Thursday: Stromboli w/marinara, salad

Friday: Eat Out

Saturday: Tacos, rice, queso (from last week)

Sunday: Easter--We'll either be going to my grandmother's for a meal or we'll be at a church feast

There you have it! Boring, I know. I hope to have a more exciting menu next week. If you are interested in any of the recipes for the above items, let me know and I'll post them! Check out more menus at Laura's!


mjpuzzlemom said...

my menu plan chnages to, so no longer put days on my plan, I just know these are the meals for the week.


JennaG said...

Bowtie pasta is my favorite--yum. We are having tacos this week too! It's a staple around here. Have a great week.

Mandalyn said...

Soup beans with cornbread and ham---yummy! Tacos are a constant at our house. Stromboli sounds great, too! Love your menu!

JennaG said...

You asked about what concert we are going to--Mercy Me! We are so excited!

Carrie! :o) said...

No way! Your menu isn't boring at all! Enjoy your week!!

Katkat said...

I need to start planning meals. Now I really want some tacos!

Judi said...

Well it sounds good to me!