Monday, May 21, 2007

No Menu Plan Monday

Forget it! There's no way I'm making a menu this week. I thought about it but I'm abandoning that idea! Why, you ask? Well, JennaG got me all motivated for this May Day Weight Loss Challenge hosted by Tales from the Scales . Then, I thought it would be a great idea to have a specific diet for this challenge so I picked up Holly's idea of the South Beach Diet. I spent last week "preparing" myself for Phase I of the South Beach Diet by cutting back on the number of carbs I eat. First off, let me say that my normal eating plan consists of mainly sugar and carbs. I know, I know, it's not good for me. I eat a meal just to get to dessert. I have been doing that for the past four or five years.

Today was the first day of Phase I. I really hadn't prepared myself because I haven't been able to check the book out at the library. I found some info online and went with that. It was alot of info to take in at one time and I screwed up half of what I read. Phase I is the lovely stage where you restrict rice, no taters, no bread. Sheesh! When I do eat, these are the things that I eat, with a little meat thrown in. I told myself I could do it and I did. I think the hardest thing is that I can eat sandwich meat but not bread. How do you eat a sandwich that way??!!!! Can someone please tell me what I was thinking?!!

Tonight we sat down for supper and my husband just started cracking up. He'd glanced over at my plate to see my ham and cheese omelet, a stick of lowfat cheese, salad, and a dill pickle! LOL! I had made soup beans, corn bread, and some meat for him and the girls. This is one of our favorite meals but I thought I could give it up. Phase I only lasts two weeks and then I can start adding carbs back into the diet. Still, my plate was quite hilarious....a dill pickle and an omelet?!!! When I think about it, I get grossed out! Jeff was giggling so hard and wanted to grab the camera and take a picture of my plate. He opted not to because he thought he was going to discourage me from the diet. Well I am discouraged but not because he giggled at me. It's really hard to come up with things to eat that do not work against the diet. Then there's the fact that I let myself hang onto this 20 extra pounds instead of getting in gear and keeping myself in shape. Makes me made at myself.

Maybe I'll be able to plan a menu in a couple of weeks. I hope I can stick this out for the two weeks of Phase I. I think Phase II will be easier to deal with. After all, 20 pounds is not that much really. I just want to wake up in two weeks and find that I'm 8 pounds lighter from restricting my carbs! LOL! That isn't too much to ask from a diet is it?!!!

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Holly said...

Bless your heart!!! Girl, you must find the book! Eggs are only for breakfast! Maybe then you won't get burned out. :) I emailed you so maybe it'll help some.

Don't give up!!!!

Carrie! :o) said...

I did this about 4 years ago ... I lost 14 pounds in the 2 week period. Can I just say ... MISERABLE! I hated what I could eat but I did it... and quit after those 2 weeks, LOL. I'm a wimp! Good luck to you!!

JennaG said...

That is quite the funny supper--but I applaud you for doing it. It would be very difficult--I know you will be able to handle it though. It will be so worth it.

Jill Norwood said...

Oh gosh- been there with NO CARBS. Good luck!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Too funny, I can just see your plate! I totally admire you for even trying this, I know I could not do it. I love my carbs and sugar and potatoes and stuff too much to ever give them up. I'm trying to do "moderation" which only works until we get a package of Oreo's in our house :)

Have a great week!

LoveMyStarr said...

You can lose the weight!! Good luck!