Friday, July 6, 2007

Before and After: Back of the House

Back of the house before:

Back of the house after:

Hopefully this will give you a better idea of the vast improvements this project made to the back of our house! For the more detailed post of project, go here.

Have a great day!

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jdoriot said...

Wow! It looks fantastic...ok...I'll come over now...and bring you a biscuit! bwahahahha!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

That looks great! You are going to enjoy that space so much!

Coach J said...

Wow!! You guys have done some major work!! I'd be eating alot outside now that you've got two places to be. Great job!

Carrie! :o) said...

Y'all just amaze me. It looks wonderful and to know you guys did it all yourselves! You ought to be proud!

LoveMyStarr said...

That looks like so much fun just waiting to be had!!