Saturday, July 7, 2007

Home Improvements: Part Two

After finishing our back deck and screened porch, we tackled the front of the house. We put up vinyl siding and painted a little. It only took a few hours for the guys to get the siding finished. Jeff left the following day for his weeklong trip to Valle Crucis, NC (as I've stated before, I'm not bitter....he left me behind but really, I'm not bitter). While he was away, I was left to chose a paint color (this is a hard task for me to do alone...Jeff and I have different tastes sometimes on things like this) and paint the shutters and front door. It only took me 4 hours in Lowes to decide on the paint color (I told you this was a hard decision to make alone!). I finished up on Wednesday and was pretty excited to be done. The only thing I worried about was that Jeff would not like my paint choice. He had no idea what I picked and I chose to surprise him. I didn't give him any hints while he was away! I'm happy to say that he got home on Friday and he loved the color! Yay!

Here's a before shot (the house had light yellow wood siding with green shutters and front door):

Here's the after shot (the house now has Rosewood siding with Blue Zephyr shutters and door):

I didn't really mind the color scheme of the house beforehand with the exception of my green front door. I didn't really like that. The big problem was that the yellow wood siding looked horrible. Let me just say that birds loved that stuff! When you got up close to the house, you could tell because they had made a real mess on it. Woodpeckers especially loved it because they could peck all day on it. There were all kinds of little holes all over it from those little buggers. The new Rosewood siding is a neutral color (in the tan/gray family) which gives it an updated look. The Blue Zephyr was the "wild card" so to speak because it is something that I would never normally have picked. I'm pretty neutral and stay with "safe" colors for the most part. After saying that, I realize that my living room is Carmello (which is in the yellow's very bright) and our extra bedroom is Jovial Orange! LOL! I guess you could say that those two colors are not so neutral! Anyway, my first thought for shutter and door paint color was something in the burgundy family. We've done that before and liked it. However, after driving around all week, I kept noticing that everyone had shutters that color and I wanted something different.

The after picture doesn't really do the house justice. Jeff says that the photo resizing program I'm using is making the pictures look terrible. For now, this is the best I can do but in the future maybe I'll figure something out and post better pics. You get the idea though! Lots of work but it was all worth every minute and every penny we spent!

Have a great Saturday!

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Coach J said...

I have to say I definitely like the new siding! I like the new color with that new siding, too! Great investments!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Oh, Sonya- Everything looks just wonderful. You did a great job on the paint color for the house. I can totally relate to delibrating for hours over those decisions. I know you will really enjoy your deck and porch. (Love the table and chairs). We sat on our deck for the first time last night with some friends after Adam went to bed. The railing was up but not spindels. Think it may be finished this weekend. Hooray!

Carrie! :o) said...

Sonya!! Your house looks wonderful! I just *love* the colors you picked out! I'm quite darn impressed with you, chickadee! Not only did you pick out an awesome color, you did the work all by yourself! You rock, LOL!

Vader's Mom said...

I like it! All nice and fresh :)

annie said...

It looks great Sonya! Good choices!

Judi said...

Girl I was looking for the Weekend Reflection!

LOVE the home improvements. That back deck is AWESOME! And the new siding and such....fantastic!

Have a great week!

Irritable Mother said...

Your home improvements look great! I expect you will be spending a lot of time in your yard over the next several weeks just admiring your work and realizing all the effort has paid off.
Good job! :)

JennaG said...

You guys did a wonderful job. Your home looks great. It must feel so good to have it finished.