Thursday, July 19, 2007

Four Things Meme

I saw this over at Jenna's and thought it would be fun.

Four jobs I've held: (besides being a mom):

  1. Medical records clerk
  2. Cash office for a clothing store (accounting type work, which I loved)
  3. Front end supervisor at an office supply store (Met my hubby through this company! He worked at an alternate location)
  4. Fast food joints (worked in several after high school)

Four movies I could watch over and over again: This one will be easy for me!

  1. Pride & Prejudice (this could count for three movies since I own three versions of the movie!)
  2. Emma
  3. Little Women
  4. Sense & Sensibility
  5. Facing the Giants

Four places I have lived: (I've only lived in two states)

  1. Appalachia, VA
  2. Kingsport, TN
  3. Dryden, VA
  4. where I am now in TN

Four tv shows I watch: (Don't watch alot of shows since I prefer movies or sports to "regular" tv)

  1. LOST
  2. Paula Deen
  3. Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals
  4. ESPN, it has to count because I don't watch any other shows

Four places I've been on vacation:

  1. Panama City Beach, FL
  2. Lancaster, PA
  3. New York City, NY
  4. St. Augustine, FL

Four favorite foods:

  1. Pizza, almost any kind will do. I could eat it 5 nights a week!
  2. Soup beans (pintos) and cornbread
  3. Potatoes, and I'll eat them anyway you can fix them!
  4. Bread, any kind of bread will do! I love yeast rolls and sweet breads.

Four websites I visit:

  1. MSNBC
  2. Bank
  3. Highlands Study Center
  4. School Express (for homeschooling worksheets)

Tag, you're it! If you want to participate and haven't yet, please do and let me know you have so I can come learn more about you!


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Corrie said...

Hey Sonya!
I enjoyed reading your lists. I like Paula Deen too! My favorite is her banana pudding recipe! Yum!!

JennaG said...

I forgot about my trip to NYC--actually that was a mission trip, not vacation. We still saw a lot of stuff though. Great list! Thanks for playing.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I love your movie list, and I am with you on the pizza. I could eat it anytime!

annie said...

Fun list!
I love bread too!

LoveMyStarr said...

We went to St. Augustine when I was pregnant with Scamp. We mostly laid on the beach and went to the movies because it was too hot, and I could barely walk anyway!

Coach J said...

Hey, I'm an accountant!! Another similarity! :)

Carrie! :o) said...

I think you and I like to eat just about the same things! :o) I love Paula Deen, as well!