Friday, July 20, 2007

100th Post

It's time for my 100th post so here is my 100 things list!

  1. I was born in Pennington Gap, VA in December of 1973.
  2. My parents were divorced when I was around 7 years old.
  3. I have one sibling, Jason, who is almost three years younger than me. He is a VA state trooper and lives in Charlottesville. I rarely ever see or talk to him.
  4. I have a step-sister, Courtney, who is about 20. She lives with my dad and I hardly ever see or talk to her.
  5. Haven't talked to my dad since June of 2005 when he attended my grandfather's funeral.
  6. I graduated from Appalachia High School in Appalachia, VA in 1991.
  7. School was a social outlet for me and the only other interest I had was sports. I wasn't a terrible student. Just average.
  8. I thought life really began when you graduated from high school so I couldn't wait to get out.
  9. I went to college for 2 years but didn't go back because Jeff and I got married. College or married life? Huh, I got the better deal!
  10. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life anyway!
  11. We have two daughters.
  12. We have a miniature schnauzer named Sadie.
  13. We have 5 cats. Tabi, Tumnus, Molly, Lucy, and Jasper. We got Tabi from the animal shelter and all of the other cats were wild and came out of the woods behind our house. They're no longer "wild" since they know we have food! LOL!
  14. We have two fish and they do absolutely nothing for me!
  15. We had three other kittens but had to take them to the animal shelter last year. Long story but basically our house was overrun with cats and we had no choice. We can't save them all although for a little while we were trying to! I cried the whole way home from the shelter! It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
  16. I love animals (in case you couldn't tell). Especially kitties!
  17. I can't understand why people do not spay or neuter their animals. If everyone was responsible and did that, we wouldn't have such a problem and precious animals wouldn't have to be killed each day.
  18. I played basketball in high school (guard and forward).
  19. I ran track (1600meter and 3200meter runs).
  20. I ran cross-country. A standard course was 3.2 miles long, over mountains, hills, etc.
  21. English was my favorite subject.
  22. Spanish was my second favorite.
  23. Everyone thought our gym teacher, Mrs. Berta, was like a drill sergeant. I loved her!
  24. Coach Jervis was my basketball, track, and cross-country coach. He lived on the hill above me and really was like a father to me.
  25. Caroline was born the day before my birthday. We're able to celebrate our birthdays together and that's just neat!
  26. Logan and my MIL have birthdays on the same day. That's also neat!
  27. Jeff is 4 years older than me.
  28. One side of my family is Scottish and both sides of Jeff's family is.
  29. I cry every time I watch Brave Heart. I don't watch it often because it hurts!
  30. Pride & Prejudice is my all-time favorite movie. I have every version made.
  31. I love reading Jane Austen.
  32. I also like Charlotte Bronte.
  33. I love, love, love pizza!
  34. Chocolate is a must after supper!
  35. My favorite color is pink. Any shade of it will do!
  36. I love Glad!
  37. I've never had a broken bone.
  38. The only time I've ever had to stay overnight in the hospital has been during childbirth.
  39. I'd love to learn to ballroom dance.
  40. I'd love to lose 20 pounds so that I could ballroom dance :-o)
  41. I used to bite my nails terribly when I was younger. I didn't stop biting them until about four years ago. (Gross, I know)
  42. I'd like to think I'm pretty frugal. I love to price match at Walmart! LOL!
  43. This year is the first time I've ever planted a garden.
  44. I enjoyed it so much that I'll plan to plant one every year!
  45. I'm a bit of a pack rat...mostly books and fabric.
  46. I would love to travel more if our budget would allow it.
  47. I have an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism).
  48. I think my hubby is the coolest guy I know.
  49. I have no idea how he tolerates me.
  50. I'm so glad he does!
  51. I sleep on my side.
  52. I can't sleep with socks on. They drive me crazy!
  53. I almost always have a blanket on me whenever I'm sitting around the house. It's a security issue, you know, like Linus Van Pelt.
  54. I do not like to talk on the phone unless I absolutely have to. I much prefer email.
  55. We only have cell phones in our house. We got sick of telemarketers years ago and haven't had a regular phone in about 6 years.
  56. I shop at Walmart at least twice a week. I don't plan to but I live 10 minutes away so it's convenient.
  57. I do not like to put up laundry after I fold it. It usually piles up until the basket overflows and then I put it away.
  58. I really enjoy homeschooling the girls.
  59. My favorite drink is Diet Sunkist.
  60. I love, love, love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough PopTarts.
  61. I just finished reading Animal Farm by George Orwell and I loved it!
  62. I'm a computer nut. I love to surf, get email, and blog!
  63. I make a pretty mean meatloaf!
  64. I hate to talk on the phone.(Did I say that already?!!! I really hate it)
  65. My favorite beach thus far is Panama City Beach, FL.
  66. I love to cook for people.
  67. I vacuum the carpet everyday. I can't help myself.
  68. Our neighbor across the street is not very nice. He yelled at our kids one time and Jeff went over to "handle" it. He had a shovel over his shoulder and it was just the funniest sight!
  69. I love Sunday afternoon naps. I almost always take one!
  70. I love the church we attend.
  71. I love pictures....especially old ones of my mom or grandmother.
  72. I love Japanese maples.
  73. I just got a wide screen LCD monitor because my old CRT blew up. I love it!
  74. Jenny at Up the Hill Gang is my RL friend and I just love her!
  75. I'm a yes man. It is so hard for me to say no because I feel like I'm disappointing someone. It's a character flaw, I'm sure.
  76. I love my hammock. It's handmade from Brazil and was given to me by some folks we used to go to church with. They were missionaries in Brazil for most of their lives and came back here to retire. They are wonderful, wonderful people.
  77. I love online bill pay.
  78. I write everything on my desk calendar. That's the only way I can remember it.
  79. I don't care for shoes. I'd rather be bare foot anytime, any place.
  80. I'm not crazy about driving.
  81. I do all the painting around our house. Jeff doesn't like to paint and that's ok.
  82. My two favorite board games right now are Scattergories and Fact or Crap.
  83. I love bookstores, especially BAM, B&N, and Mr. K's.
  84. I love Paper Back Swap! I can't tell you how many books I've received and sent out over the past six months! It's wonderful!
  85. I enjoy going to thrift stores.
  86. I have a terrible habit of eating sweet things late at night.
  87. Lisa Whelchel called me once. She was doing some phone interviews for her book So You're Thinking About Homeschooling and she chose to interview me. I can't even remember how that happened. It was cool though since I was a die-hard Facts of Life fan growing up.
  88. I do not find Adam Sandler funny at all. I don't think I've ever laughed at a movie he's made.
  89. I do not like snakes. They terrify me.
  90. Spiders are equally as terrifying.
  91. I once found a black widow in our house. I covered it with a drinking glass and left it all day until Jeff got home!
  92. I hate the smell of a nursing home. It always smells like death and that bothers me.
  93. My grandfather was diagnosed with bladder cancer in early 2004..
  94. He had surgery to remove his bladder in April of 2004.
  95. It spread to his lungs and he died of lung cancer on June 19, 2005 (Father's Day).
  96. He always called me Sony (pronounced like the company...So-nee)
  97. I had two other nicknames growing up that I remember. Gravel Girty (I loved to play in the gravel and get dirty) and Neat (when I was clean).
  98. I remember having a Strawberry Shortcake doll as a child. She was one of the scented ones and every time you washed her hair, she smelled like fresh strawberries.
  99. I love sports (NFL and college football, college basketball (men and women), and tennis. Football is my all time favorite. Go Colts! Go Vols!
  100. I love to sit on a porch when it is raining.

Have a great Friday!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Congratulations on your milestone! I always love these posts, love reading all of this and finding out cool stuff about my favorite bloggers :)

Mandalyn said...

What a great 100th post!!

My husband and I would would love to learn to ballroom dance!!

Judi said...

Great post! We have quite a few things in common!

JennaG said...

I enjoyed getting to know you better. Thanks so much for putting all the effort in to write this post.

Coach J said...

Oh, good job! :) I learned lots about you! And many more similarities! :) I'd love to lose 20 pounds, too. I heard the other day that a 5' woman should weigh 100 lbs, and add 5 lbs for every inch after that. Depressing!! I've seen 130 before, but it was a loooooong time ago.

Carrie! :o) said...

I just loved reading this, Sonya! I even read it twice, LOL. It's fun getting to know all the little things about our bloggy friends. You remind me so much of myself. I'm a born and raised VA girl, too ... maybe that's why, LOL.

Although, when I got to the bottom and saw you don't like Adam Sandler, I about cried, LOL. He's my all time favorite male comedien and actor. Plus, his daughter's name is Sadie like my Sadie ... and your Sadie ... but your Sadie is furry, LOL.

ZAM said...

Hi Sonya. I just love Jane Austen. And Braveheart is one of my fave movies.

I do not bite my nails but I thumbsuck (ewww!) but got over it when I was about 10 yrs old.

BTW, thanks for visiting me.

Linda said...

Hi, Sonya. My mom's name is Sonya, but we have a lot more in common than your name. I also just had my 100th post. This is my first time visiting your blog that I know of.
It must have taken you a long time to write that post.I listed a few things about me, but it would've took me real long to list 100. I was having a hard time telling on myself I guess...


cumi said...

Great information….i like your post….thank’s for sharing.have a great day!