Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 7

Since we will be going to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games this weekend, I give you thirteen things I love about these games.

  1. Funnel cakes, duh! Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love my sugar! I always splurge and treat myself to a funnel cake!
  2. The breathtaking views from McRae Meadows, where the games are held. I cannot tell you how majestic it feels to be on the mountain in the early morning, when the fog is still rolling off the hills. Just amazing!
  3. The bands in the Celtic Groves. The groves are neat little places notched out in the hills where bands play. There are a few groves scattered on the grounds and each grove has a different band playing there. Although my favorite band, Off Kilter, is not scheduled to be at the games, I think I'll manage. I'll give one of the new bands a chance in hopes that they will take my mind off of Off Kilter not being there!
  4. Watching the caber toss. Scroll down and watch video clip 6. This is amazing. They make it look so easy!
  5. Watching the Scottish dancing competition. See video clip 7. The young ladies and men who compete in these things have to be in superb shape. It looks like alot of fun but I can tell it is very hard.
  6. Not eating haggis. No way, no how. That stuff just shouldn't be eaten! Jeff tried it last year and I almost got sick watching him eat it. (I don't think he cared for it either)
  7. Getting to see the Forrester clan from Georgia. Jeff and I are included in this photo but all the other members you see are from the Atlanta area. (Don't you just love our standard tartan!) Our hunting tartan is pretty cool too!
  8. Seeing almost everyone in a kilt or Scottish attire. Some of the tartans are just lovely.
  9. Watching the children during the kids activities. There are some really small children who show up dressed in their kilt and run around playing the games they have set up. It's way too cute!
  10. Parade of Tartans. All the clans line up and walk around the field as they are announced one at a time. It's pretty neat because you get to see each clan and their tartan as they are announced, which helps you learn to associate each clan with their tartan.
  11. Massed Bands. See video clip 9. This is where all of the pipe bands march and play together. It's really awesome to see so many bagpipers and drummers together in the open field. The sounds of their playing is even more awesome.
  12. Getting to talk to Ben and Laura about their trips to Scotland. We hope to go one of these days and talking about it with Ben and Laura make us want to go even more! All of the places in the pictures belong to the Forrester clan or are important to Forrester history.
  13. Knowing that although we have to say goodbye to the Forresters from GA after this weekend, we'll see them again in October at the Stone Mountain Highland Games!

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Kate said...

Great List! Happy TT!

Carrie! :o) said...

I had a tough time getting past funnel cakes, LOL. Then I got to the bottom and saw Stone Mountain. It's been ages since I've been but I sure loved that place!

Judi said...

Funnel Cakes? YUM-O. I can almost taste one. Looks like you have a lot to look forward to.:)

Vader's Mom said...

Off Kilter rocks!! I love stopping and watching them at Epcot. They are just amazing.

I love my funnel cake too :)

Homemom3 said...

oh this all sounds like fun, my favorite would be the music and funnel cakes.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'd never heard of these games until I started reading your blog. Let's definitely try to meet up when you're here in October, ok?

Contrary said...

What about flavored popcorn ? Why is that not on someones thirteen?