Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Perfect Day

Ahhhhhh, a gentle breeze is blowing through the open windows in our house. Leaves are laying all over the deck and yard. Patsy Cline is playing softly as I type this. The girls are quietly entertaining themselves. We are patiently waiting to see the home team play today (our beloved TN Vols). I can hear the noise from another football game coming from the tv behind me. We are looking forward to worship tomorrow, as well as a church picnic after the service. It feels like fall here in Tennessee. Life is good.

Now, if the Vols could just come away with a win against the Gators today!

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gail@more than a song said...

That picture is gorgeous! I just saw our MS State dogs beat Auburn! And we finally have a bit of cooler air here and I'm loving it...although we're supposed to have 90's again next week.

Vader's Mom said...

I miss fall. We don't really have it here. And nothing's better than SEC football.

Anonymous said...

I got chills reading this post! Simple pleasures! *Amen*! :o)