Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Reflection # 29

So it's Monday and I'm just doing my weekend reflection. I figure I can get away with it since so many cool things went on during the week!

Last Sunday, we were invited, last minute, to enjoy lunch with a couple of families from church. We had such a wonderful time with them that we didn't get home until 5pm! The meal was so yummy and the fellowship was just what we needed!

The next couple of days were pretty normal. We started our new school year, which actually means we just started using new materials since we school year round! Things started off very well and I think the girls are enjoying our new science choice. We went with Apologia sciences this year and so far it's pretty fun. Logan is studying general science and this week the lessons have been all about atoms. Caroline is using the astronomy and this week has been learning all about stars and the planets. We've had fun with the Pluto it a planet or isn't it? We all know that it has been determined that Pluto is not a planet but try and explain that to my 8 year old. Pluto was a planet and then scientists changed the definition of what a planet is. So, now it's not a planet. Sheesh! Anyway, it's been fun and we'll be making a model of our solar system this week. That should be lots of fun.

Wednesday, my bestest friend Jenny came over for the afternoon. Our kids had fun playing X-box games while we gabbed about various things. It's funny. We talk everyday via email.... .usually, it's more like several times each day. We don't get together very often because we are both busy being homemakers. We have so much to talk about that we don't stop for the length of our visit. We use every single minute we have! Wednesday, our visit lasted for about 4 1/2 hours. We talked about everything from personal loss to disciplining our children. Never mind the fact that we ate two dozen sugar cookies and a 60 count bag of pizza rolls! LOL! It wasn't just Jenny and me though. The kids, all five of them, helped us eat these things.

I went to the dentist this week only to find out that he has to do something to fix my popping jaws. They're awful! It sounds like a drum corp when I chew my food. Ack! I'll go next month to have that fixed. I'm not real sure what he'll do to fix it and honestly, I was afraid to ask. My dentist is wonderful. He's a perfectionist. He pushes you as far as you can go. Why was I afraid to ask what the procedure entails you ask? Remember I said that he pushes you as far as you can go? Well, once, while doing a root canal, my numbing medication was wearing off and I could feel EVERYTHING he was doing. That was a special kinda pain! I have a very high tolerance for pain. Probably higher than most people, when it comes to having dental work done. However, this was tough. I managed to get through that root canal but it was the most painful thing I've experienced from a dentist. I was crying so hard that I had to hold my breath to keep from shaking (which would have made things much worse). You see, when the medicine started to wear off, he was almost finished. Rather than stop, numb me some more, and wait for it to kick in, he chose to go ahead and finish. He kept talking to me, trying to comfort me. His poor assistant kept drying the tears streaming from my eyes. It is so funny to think about that day. I came home and vowed that I needed to find a new dentist. I didn't go back to the dentist for about three months because of it. When I did go back, I went back to him because he's just that good. He does good work and I trust him. Let's just say that I had a chat with his dental assistant and we've come up with some signals! LOL!

Thursday, Caroline and I went to have lunch with a sweet lady from church. She's older than me and I've learned alot about gardening and organic foods from her. We visited with her for most of the day. This sweet woman served us a tasty little lunch, full of things we had never tried. We had chicken salad on a bed of baby spinach, a cold soup (pureed strawberries w/blueberries), garlic bread, and for dessert we had lemon curd. We've never had a lunch like this and a cold soup was something new to me. We really enjoyed it. She served the lemon curd over a biscuit and it was so yummy! Definitely different but very yummy!

Saturday was full of SEC football, including our beloved Vols being killed by the Gators. Things were going ok until the third quarter and then we really fell apart. It's pretty tough to watch your team hang with a top ranked team, only to give up in the second half when things get tough. We need a change down in Knoxville and I'm not sure but I think it needs to be in the form of a new head football coach. I'm just sayin'. I'd love to see us get a coach like Mark Richt. He's just a quality guy with great character and morals.

Saturday evening, hubby and I headed off to Rhythm & Roots. This is an annual event that we usually try and take advantage of. We enjoyed seeing three great bands, Seldom Scene, Cherryholmes, and Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. These are favorites of ours and we really enjoyed each performance. We feasted on hot dogs and a funnel cake and didn't get home until 12:30am! Fun, fun, fun!

Sunday, we enjoyed worship. Afterwards, we opted out of the church picnic since we were tired from our outing the previous night. We had a quick lunch and a nice long nap. The rest of the evening, we enjoyed watching all of our favorite NFL teams win. Well, except the Titans. They couldn't win though because they were playing the Colts. I can't be happy when anyone beats my Colts. I am already dreading the game between the Colts and the Cowboys since I love the Cowboys ALMOST as much as the Colts. The Cowboys did win on Saturday too! I love the Colts because Payton Manning is a UT graduate and I'm convinced, the smartest quarterback in the NFL. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's the smartest quarterback ever to play in the NFL. I have a special kind of love for Dallas too. Jason Witten is from a neighboring town (we actually used to live in the same town and would listen to the high school games Witten played in). Then there's Julius Jones. He's younger than me but we grew up two miles apart. He went to a rival school and I went to school with some of his cousins. Gotta cheer for the local guys!

It was a nice week. It even rained for two days. This is wonderful news because it hadn't rained here since June! We're enjoying the first signs of fall weather and loving every second of it! I'm looking forward to making some soups and chili. There's nothing like fall! I hope your week went well!

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