Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do You Love Popcorn?

While Jeff and I were in NYC last year, we went to a place that I had heard so many good things about. Every review I read before going up there said that we owed it to ourselves to go to Dale & Thomas Popcorn. I was thrilled when we found it because we were to fly home the next day and I really didn't want to leave without trying it. It was quite a trek from where we had been spending most of our time but I'm so glad we did find it.

If you've never had Dale & Thomas, you will have no idea what I mean when I say that this is the best popcorn I've ever put into my mouth. There are a variety of flavors including BBQ, chocolate drizzle, and my favorite, peanut butter and white chocolate drizzle. I'm telling you, this stuff is so good that if we ever go back to NYC, I'm taking an empty suitcase just to fill with this popcorn to bring home. Until then, I'd love to have one of those old popcorn machines and try to come up with my own flavors.

I'm curious what flavors of popcorn you've tried and what your favorites are? Have you ever had Dale & Thomas popcorn? If you ever have the opportunity, try it. It's expensive to order online but if you're in NYC, you can swing by and get a big bag for a little of nothing. It really is that good folks!

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