Friday, October 12, 2007

Football Anyone?

I think everyone who reads here knows how much I love football. There are a few of you who share this love with me. So I have to ask, Stacy, did you see the Dallas game on Monday night? Oh man what a game! And to think that in the third quarter, I let myself go to sleep because Romo was looking pretty bad. Thank goodness the hubster made sure I was awake to see the end. Twenty seconds left in the game and it looked as though Dallas was going down. Twenty seconds in football time is an eternity! Dallas pulled it out by a field goal but not before Buffalo's coach pulled that "right before the snap time out" trick. Can I just say how lame I think that is!!!!! I know, I's strategy. I just don't like it.

Hubby posed an interesting question to me the other night. First, let me say that I really love two NFL teams. The Colts and the Cowboys are my teams. I like a string of others but these two are my favs. I have loved football for as long as I can remember. I don't even know when it began. I think I was born loving it. Anyway, back to hubby's question. He asked me who I'd pull for if Dallas and Indy went to the Super Bowl. Now, I love me some Peyton Manning. I think he is the smartest quarterback ever to play the game. He's all about business when he's playing. It's not "just a game" to him. It's his job. Every spare minute he has on the sidelines, he's studying or talking to his receivers. That's why it shocked me when I heard my answer to hubby. Hands down, I'd pull for Dallas. Can you believe it? Peyton is a UT alumnus. How could I do that to him? Well, I guess it's because I'm loyal to my hometown boys. Jason Witten is from Elizabethton. We used to live in Elizabethton pretty close to the high school where Jay played ball. Every Friday night, we could stand outside on our porch and hear the games. We live about fifteen minutes from there now but we are constanty driving over there. So, part of me feels like I still live there. Then there's Julius Jones. I grew up two miles from his hometown (our schools were rivals) and I ran track with a few of his cousins. You see my logic here. Two hometown boys trumps one UT alumni. Ahhhh, the torture of loving two teams!

On to the next order of business. Jenny is also a football fan and we talk about it often. This leads to a little dilemna. Our teams play each other this weekend (college football). My UT Vols vs. Jenny's MSU Bulldogs. I think our teams have about the same record so it should be an interesting game. One of us has to lose though so Jenny, I'm sorry for your team! LOL! I wish you lived closer so I coud invite you over to watch the game and for some chili and cornbread cheer you up from the loss, of course.

How about you? Do you watch football? What team do you like? If you answered Dallas or Indy or even the TN Titans, hold your hand up in the air. Did you feel that? I just gave you a virtual high-five!

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Vader's Mom said...

That game was amazing! Jeff & I were watching something else and keep switching back to the game just in time to see Romo throw another interception. At two minutes left in the game I gave up and went to bed. Lucky for me, Jeff didn't and I ended up in bed with the tv on cheering for the Boys. I almost cried when the first kick was good and that mean coach had called a T.O. for no good reason and I couldn't contain my joy when the second kick was good too! What an amazing ending! And the next Romo jersey showed up in the mail. :)

Go Vols!!

Carrie! :o) said...

Football?? LIKE GAG ME! LOL!

David is a Panther's fan. I grew up with all the guys in my life being Redskins fans, though.

Coach J said...

Well, here it is in the 3rd qtr. and you're ahead. Enjoy it while you can. I hope you drown your sorrows in a bowl of chili topped with cheddar cheese. 'Cause I'm celebrating with grilled turkey and dressing and sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and nuts on top. Can you say "yummy"? ;)
Shoot, you guys just scored again. Ugh! 24-14.
I love the Colts because of Peyton! I love watching him play the game, because he is so good and is all about the game. So, I got your high five!
I think I'm going to take a shower. Maybe MSU will go ahead if I'm not here to listen to it.

Coach J said...

Ah,ha,ha. We scored. We're getting closer, and closer.
24-20. ;)

Coach J said...

Ok, you win.
We're heading out to the inlaws for the feast I mentioned about 2 posts ago, and y'all keep kickin' field goals left and right.
I guess we got tired.
It's 33-21. At least you guys didn't shut us out. A small victory for the maroon and white.

gail@more than a song said...

I'm not as much of a football fan as I might have been in the past, but I did love the Cowboys years ago! Didn't know our Dogs were playing you this weekend and I see from Jenny's comments that we must have lost, shoot! Jenny lives about 2 or so hours from me and I got to meet her this summer while passing through her place.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

My son like the Titan, Colts, and then the Cowboys. He was so mad when he had to go to bed Monday night because of all the interceptions. He was so surprised when he woke up Tuesday morning!

I guess I am a little late making the rounds so UT has already beaten MSU. Sorry Jenny (my brother actually went to MSU, so I don't dislike them, but I have to cheer for UT).

We love football at our house!