Friday, October 12, 2007

Drug Addictions

Every morning, I check out local and national news on the internet. Each time, I find at least one article about someone who has been arrested for drug abuse or distribution. I'm glad there are places out there that troubled people can go to for drug treatment. I really think these people need to escape the environment that allows them to make bad choices. Once they have entered a facility, they can completely devote themselves to becoming healthy again. Brittney Spears is the perfect example. She lost custody of her children because of this very thing. I cannot imagine being separated from my children. It must be heartbreaking.

We live in a day when role models such as movie stars, clergymen, counselors, teachers, and peers are all over the news for these types of things. I've been fortunate enough to live my life never knowing anyone close to me with this type of problem. For that, I am thankful. I hope that remains true as my children grow up. Let us do our very best to make sure our children flee from the bad choices that might lead them to a drug addiction. How do we do this? By teaching them to love and fear God, obeying His commandments at all times.

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

As someone from a family in which addiction is present, married to an addict, in whose family addiction is also present, I think the most important way we do this is by setting an example ourselves -- showing our children that love and divine light through our own example.

Children don't grow up to be drug addicts if they don't have that dysfunctional thinking, dishonesty, and distance from spirituality in their own lives.