Friday, October 5, 2007

Need Some Light?

Are you looking for new light fixtures? Well I am and I need a bunch of them. Our house was built in the 80's and everything is outdated. I need new bathroom light fixtures to go along with the new faucets I am getting. I also need to replace the fixtures in our kitchen. I've been looking at chandeliers because I think one would look cozy in our eating area. The problem is, I am overwhelmed by all of the choices out there. I hate having to go from store to store to look at all the options. is a great place to find all of my home lighting fixtures. The search feature on their web site allows me to be very specific about what I'm looking for. That'll save me alot of time since I know the style and brand I'm looking for. They have fixtures for every room in your house, and they even carry ceiling fans. With their huge selection, I'd better get over there and narrow down my choices!

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