Friday, October 5, 2007

On The Road Again, I Just Can't Wait.....

Ok, I need some help. We've just planned a spur of the moment trip to Stone Mountain, GA in a few weeks. We've been there several times because we try and go to the Stone Mountain Highland Games each year. We will be leaving on a Thursday evening and will not have time to do anything then. However, Friday, we have the entire day free. Jill suggested we visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Saturday we will be going to the highland games all day. Sunday will be open but we'll be coming back home Sunday evening. It's a short trip and we'd like to do some different things. We usually never visit Atlanta on our trips to Stone Mountain so we are hoping to do a few things around that area. I've pretty much ruled out Underground Atlanta since the reviews are, ahem, scary.

Help me out. I need a plan for Sunday. We don't have alot of time on this trip so we just need some low key things that are affordable for our family of four. I'll take any and all suggestions.

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Mrs. C said...

You might want to check out Zoo Atlanta. It's located right off of I-20, so it's easy to access from Stone Mountain. Also, there are several nice malls in the area, just in case the weather is rainy.

Hope you have a fun trip! Stone Mountain is one of our favorite places.

Mrs. C

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I have heard the aquarium is awesome. Also, I think they have a children's museum there, but I am not sure what the name is. Hope you have a great time!

Coach J said...

I've been to the GA Aquarium, and it is my favorite so far! You can get so hands on with many of the ocean creatures. I can't remember how much it costs, but I thought it was worth the trip.
If you have the chance, you guys need to eat at the Varsity. It's right downtown next to (blush-I can't remember the college) and just a few blocks from the Aquarium. It's a classic eatery, and the ice cream is soooo good. That's a must do when our family goes to Atlanta.