Friday, October 19, 2007

Should We Get Them?

I've never owned alot of jewelry but I do like it. I work with my hands so much that it's just not appropriate for me to wear much. The only rings I ever wear are my wedding band or the silver set of wedding rings hubby bought me for Mother's Day a few years ago. The silver set is really reserved for church or special occasions since I bang my hands on everything. I hardly ever take my gold wedding band off unless it's absolutely necessary. That thing has been through the ringer.

A few months ago, I noticed my FIL's wedding band. It's just your average gold wedding band and there's nothing real special about it. What I did notice is how thin it is getting. Apparently, he never takes it off unless it's a must (like surgery or something). He and my MIL have been married for almost 51 years so the ring has some age on it. As I looked at it, I reflected on their 51 years together. It's worn appearance reminded me of all the things it had been around for; illnesses, deaths, marriages, births, baptisms, etc. It's special because it's the original ring he's had since early on in his marriage. I thought maybe we should buy him a new one but I wondered if he might hate to part with his old one. So, should we get him a new one? And what could he do with the old one? Have it melted down? Should we maybe buy his mom and dad matching wedding bands for Christmas? We'd like to give them something very special and this seems like the perfect thing. What do you think?

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jenn said...

You might offer to have his ring "fixed", maybe the jewelers could add some gold to thicken it up?

I left you a "treat" over on my blog. Come by and pick it up when you can!

Nancy Face said...

This is a very sweet and generous idea, but I believe you should ask them before making the purchase. To me, there is nothing more precious and beautiful than a plain wedding band which has been worn with love and devotion for 51 years! :o)

Amberly said...

I'm not a big jewelry wearer either. My gold wedding band is it for rings and it's gotten pretty tight lately. But I can't imagine parting with it to get a new one! I need to see about having it stretched. I'm too sentimental to part with the ring that I got on our actual wedding day. I say let your FIL keep the original! :)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

If someone bought me a new wedding band, I'd wear it as a new ring, not a replacement for my wedding band. Even if mine were to become worn, I wouldn't ever want to part with it. I like the idea of offering to get it fixed -- although, even then, I personally would prefer to wear mine in its worn state. It would be so representative of the time gone by and all we had been through together.