Thursday, October 25, 2007

Suddenly Seeking Ideas

As I look ahead to Thanksgiving, I am already planning our meal in my head. I'm not sure yet where we'll spend the day but I do know that there will be lots of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, and anything else I can dream up.

I want to dress my table up with some different things this year. I'm trying to think of natural elements I can use. I'm thinking I can do some sort of centerpiece with fake leaves and acorns from our backyard. I want to get a new tablecloth and some cute salt shakers . Maybe I'll add a berry garland around the turkey plate. I love cranberries and would love to think of some ways to use them on the table.

I would also like to play some games. We have tons of board games so maybe we'll use one of those. For Jeff's family, Thanksgiving has become like any other "regular" day. My BIL always hosted Thanksgiving dinner at his house, until a few years ago, when his wife decided she needed a new man and was tired of raising her children. Since then, it's been hard to replace that festive time. We need a new tradition, a change. I want the day to feel special to everyone.

So I'm asking you to share your ideas with me. What do you do to make Thanksgiving dinner special? Do you have special decorations you use? Special foods you cook? Special games you play?

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Carrie! :o) said...

We usually go visit family on Thanksgiving. This year, we won't be traveling since Levi's so young. It's gonna be a sad year for me, though. The girls will be with ther dad for the holiday.

gail@more than a song said...

We have the usual type foods..turkey, dressing, roasted sweet potatoes and usually my kids ALWAYS ask for rice and broccoli casserole! Try to be with family as much as we can but not sure we have too many traditional things we do every year.
I do different decorations and not always the same thing. A year or 2 ago I bought some fake gourds etc that I put in a southern living centerpiece type thing and then use some candles....nothing outstanding I don't think!