Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...Dental Woes

Thirteen Things I Dislike About Going To The Dentist

I was inspired to do this one since I have to go see an oral surgeon on Monday to have two wisdom teeth cut out. I'm almost 34. Why are these things not gone already?!

  1. All the money is costs me! LOL!
  2. Being scolded because I only use my Water Pik once a day instead of twice
  3. When my dentist continues working on a root canal even though my numbing meds are starting to wear off
  4. Having my occlusion adjusted
  5. Having my teeth cleaned. Something about all the scraping and violent flossing just doesn't make me look forward to it.
  6. Having my teeth polished. I don't like the tool they use. It tickles.
  7. The tool they use to suck the saliva or water out of your mouth. That thing makes a mess and I'm always wondering how sterile it is!
  8. The drape they clip over your clothes. They always clip my hair up in that thing! LOL!
  9. The dentist or dental assistant will ask me questions or try to have a conversation with me while their arm is half way down my throat. What's up with that?
  10. Talking to the receptionist, who happens to be the dentist's almost 90 year old mother. She's very pleasant as you are leaving the office but just call her on the phone to change your appointment or explain a problem! Boy are you in for a treat! Stand at the window to check in and she'll ignore you for ages. I've learned to just go in and sit down.
  11. Trying to control my tongue and keep it out of the way while I'm being worked on. Don't laugh. You try keeping it relaxed and still!
  12. The sound of the drill that I cannot seem to ignore while it's in my mouth.
  13. The thought of having someone looking that closely at my teeth. What if my lunch is still stuck in them? LOL!

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Kendra said...

great TT idea! i couldn't agree more with your entire list. i have REALLY bad teeth... i think my dentist has put his kids through school based on having me as a client!! ;)

happy TT!

jenn said...

Oh my! Trying to have a conversation while doing your teeth! How the heck are you supposed to answer? The drilling always gets me too.
Happy TT!

karen said...

i HATE going to the dentist. but i suck it up & it's paid off- i've never had a cavity. i hate when they say "here's some yummy fluoride"- it's not yummy! it's disgusting! it takes like gritty concrete. and the water they give you to rinse your mouth out with does not rinse it out completely. so annoying.
good luck w/ your WT removal!

Malcolm: said...

I was just at the dentist this week and have to go back next Tuesday. I too am self-conscious about them seeing my teeth. That's why I always brush my teeth before going.

mom huebert said...

Oh, I dislike the dentist, too, and I don't even have any horror stories, unless that time I had two of my wisdom teeth out counts. I hate being scolded for not taking care of my teeth, when I've done a good enough job over the years that I've never had a single cavity! I think the dentist is just mad that he hasn't made much money off of me... (however, my husband has more than made up for me, so stop already... LOL)

Joyful Days said...

Really, going to the dentist may be my most hated thing in the world. I had a very mean dentist when I was a child and I've not gotten over it. Nope...not letting it go at all.

forgetfulone said...

Oh man! I agree with all of them!

Anonymous said...

*Shivers* I am deathly afraid of the dentist. I just can't even discuss it, LOL.

I had to be put to sleep to have my wisdoms removed. That was about 10 years ago and it was awful. So glad that's over with!

Nicholas said...

I used to be scared then about 15 years ago I had a long course of treatment and since then I haven't been scared at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't like having my teeth cleaned either. I can take pain, but there is something about that scraping that drives me bananas!