Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Garage Flooring

Our garage is in real need of an overhaul. It's piled high with lots of junk right now. Our old mattress set is right in the middle of the floor and I've got a host of stuff that needs to be hauled off to our local charity store. I'm not sure what one does with a garage when you don't park your car in it. I imagine that it turns into this large area that continues to collect junk, just as ours does. I think we might be able to make it more useful if it looked less like a garage. If it were more organized and neat, maybe I wouldn't be so horrified when someone walks through it. I don't think it would take much to do that either. We could put down some nice garage flooring to hide the crack in the concrete. Then all I'll need to do is find a way to get our dryer vent run to the outside so it'll stop blowing lint all over the garage!

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