Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Holiday Cards

It is hard to believe that the holidays are so close. Next week is Thanksgiving and we will be traveling to West Virginia to spend it with my mom. Mom is a decorating nut when it comes to holidays. Another thing she always does super early is send out Holiday Cards . I think I'll suggest that she and I sit down and do our Christmas cards after we've eaten Thanksgiving supper. I know she'll love this idea and it will be awesome to get my cards done early.

I love sending out cards. I try to find unique ones to send out at Christmas. While I was visiting Vista Print today, I found so many wonderful choices. They have folded cards, postcards, foiled cards, and my favorite, caricature cards! You can customize your cards by uploading your personal photos or you can choose one of the many designs already available. You can also customize the text and it is so easy to do! I usually just go to Walmart and get photo cards done but they are so limited in their selection. I'm very excited to have found Vista Print and I can't wait to get started on my cards! Another great thing is that you can order online and receive your order in as little as three days! This will give me just enough time to get my order in and receive it so that I can go to my mom's fully prepared for an evening of fun!

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Kerry said...

What a great idea, doing holiday cards with your mom. I may suggest doing that with mine! :)

And I'm going to check out vista print. sounds neat.