Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Freezer Cooking Group

Today was a lot of fun. I got to spend some time with four other ladies and we talked about food and cooking for two hours. It was great! My friend Jenny decided to pull a group of ladies together to do some freezer cooking and sharing. She got the idea from Freezer Chicks and I am so glad she did. It was a blast. Here we are:

(From L to R: Heidi, Kristen, Laurie, Jenny, Me)

The girls and I got up this morning and quickly started in on our chores and school work. My duties halted when one of our kitties started to bleed from her jowl (that story will come in another post!). I rushed off to the vet's office and the girls continued to clean up and work on their math and grammar. When I got back, we quickly loaded up and headed over to Jenny's. Right now, there are five of us in the group. We cook a meal that will freeze well for each person in the group. I made loaded potato soup and each batch contained 6 adult servings. The idea is for this to be the entree and you can cook whatever you'd like to go along with it. So, I gave each person a batch of potato soup and when they decide to have it for supper, they can make corn bread or french bread to go with it. You get the idea. Anyway, I came home with some pretty tasty looking stuff. The meals I received were overstuffed burritos, quiche in a bag, chicken a la king, and spaghetti pie. We at the burritos for supper tonight and they were a huge hit!

We really enjoyed ourselves and we'll continue to meet once a month. I think it's wonderful because I come home with four days worth of meals. Plus, I have a batch of the recipe I cooked for everyone which gives me a total of five meals. That means that one week out of a month, I am doing very little cooking. My main entree is already done! It's great fun. It's also a great opportunity to try meals that you may normally not make. For example, I've never made quiche so I am looking forward to having that meal! It's great fun and if you ever have the opportunity to start a group like this, do it. It's wonderful!

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jenn said...

What a great idea! I do this with Christmas cookies. We have friends come over and we each bring a recipe and supplies, then split the goodies. I need to try it your way.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

This sounds like a great idea! Looks like you all had fun!

annie said...

That looks wonderful Sonya!

gail@more than a song said...

I always thought that was a great idea but didn't have anyone to do it with! So fun, I love the pic you of you cute chickiees!