Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten On Tuesday ~ Best Games Edition

(Board games, video games, card games, etc.)

I couldn't pass this one up because we love games. We haven't played a lot lately since we've been busy with other things but in the summer, we usually try and play each Friday night with my BIL and his kids. It's a great way to spend a Friday night!

Here's a list of favorites:

  1. Scattergories - I love this board game. It's great for quick thinking.
  2. Pictionary - Who doesn't love this game! I am the worst drawer in the history of the game but somehow my wonderful hubby still manages to guess well!
  3. Scrabble - I love this game. I've really love to have the deluxe version for Christmas.
  4. Phase 10 - Wonderful card game that I've only played a few times. I love it though and it takes a long time to play a game if you have lots of people.
  5. Imaginiff - Great for the kids but there needs to be plenty of players so that it doesn't get boring.
  6. Rook - My FIL is a master at this game and I love playing it. I usually have him as a partner and since I'm not the greatest at this game, he gets to give me lots of pointers. He usually does this in a manner that makes me never want to partner with him! LOL! What can I say, he's passionate about this game!
  7. Trivial Pursuit Genius Edition - I have always liked this game.
  8. Fact or Crap - We got this game for Christmas a few years ago and I enjoy it. We've played it several times and just writing about it makes me want to get it out and play it.
  9. Super Mario Bros. - I haven't played this since Nintendo first came out. My brother and I had it as kids and we loved playing it together.
  10. Pac-Man (or Miss Pac-Man) - My most favorite video game in the whole world. I would love, love, love to have one of those old arcade versions in the house! I don't think I would ever get anything done!

**I'd like to give Donkey Kong honorable mention. I also loved it very much as a child. Also, Cranium is another of my favorite board games.

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Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

We love Phase 10! It's great for two people and great for a crowd. Super list!

annie said...

Great games! I remember hours of monopoly as a child. Games seem to be more fun now...
Good luck finding orange balls for your tree! People around here do that too, but for OSU.
Happy Wednesday Sonya!

gail@more than a song said...

My running joke, or my running wish list, is that I want deluxe Scrabble AND someone to play it with! No one here will play.

Shawna said...

I love most of those. We have a new game called Loaded Questions.

My grandparent's love Rook, but palying with my grandfather sounds about the same as playing with your FIL:)

ZAM said...

I love Super Mario...that's a remnant of my younger years. But Pictionary and Scrabble are my favorites. We -hub and I-even play online Scrabble. ;D