Monday, November 12, 2007

To Mulch Or Not To Mulch

I've wanted to landscape around our house for two years. Our current landscaping consists of some white rock and a few hostas. I'd love to get rid of the white rock and go back to mulch. However, my hubby won't go there. He's afraid of drawing termits to the house and doesn't want to risk doing that. I've been reading everything I can, in hopes of talking him into using mulch. Our house is brick and vinyl siding so I'm thinking it would take awhile before we'd have any real problems. We've never had problems with them in this house. We did have a problem with them when we lived in a house years ago that had all wood siding.

While doing my research, I found some interesting things about termites that I didn't know. They will eat books. That makes sense because books are made with wood. I just thought it was creepy though. I could be sitting around one day reading a novel and turn the page only to find a huge termite. That's just gross! Maybe I'll change my mind on our landscaping situation. Especially if I keep dreaming about finding termites in our house!

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Anonymous said...

When we moved into our new house our landscaper told us to remove all of the mulch from around our house and replace with white keep termites away. So...we did! I love the way the rock we are different than every other house on our street...all of which have mulch.

Sonya said...


LOL! Ok, maybe I will change my mind! I think I may go with pea gravel or something. The white rock just doesn't do much for our house. Our brick is a very neutral sand color and the white does nothing for it.

It's funny that your landscaper told you to get rid of the mulch and use white rock. I could have given you a truck load of it! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

Heather said...

I never heard of that before - the mulch and termite problem I mean. Very interesting. I work in my attic, and every once in a while when I open one of my files a spider crawls out. And I am terrified of spiders. I've taken to stepping on my files before I open them (they are the expandable brown paper type) so any spiders are at least disabled before I pull out any needed papers.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the mulch and termites either. We've always done the mulch. And reading about termites and books...well, we have boxes and boxes of books in our basement. Although I'm going through them to sell on ebay so I can buy my new camera! :)

jenn said...

I've never heard that either. I want to go outside and get rid of all my mulch.

I like the way rock looks. Does it have to be white rocks?