Monday, November 12, 2007

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of Nov. 12

I haven't done this in about a month but I'm trying really hard to be consistent with it from here on out. My good friend Jenny recently started a freezer cooking group and I'm looking forward to having those meals as part of our menu. Since this week is full of dental and doc appointments, my theme will be easy meals that require only a little prep. I'm also trying a new recipe so I'll do the prep work for it the night before. Here goes:

Monday: Soup beans, cornbread, hotdogs w/cheese (just split the hotdogs and put velveeta down the splits, broil the until the cheese melts) Jeff gives bagpipe lessons on Mondays so I have to make a meal that I can clean up before his student arrives.

Tuesday: DiGiorno pizza (Jeff has bagpipe practice so the girls and I always do frozen pizza. For those of you that asked, the bacon and cheese pizza we usually have is frozen and made by Fruschetta. It's hard to find but it's so yummy. Instead of red sauce, it has an alfredo base. I love it!)

Wednesday: Empanadas, 7-layer salad, frijoles rancheros (The empanada recipe is new and I got it from Family Circle this month. The frijoles rancheros is a new recipe for me too. If they turn out well, I'll share the recipe)

Thursday: Chinese orange chicken, rice, egg rolls, shrimp sauce (The orange chicken recipe came from Carrie)

Friday: Eat out

Saturday: Will be visiting my grandmother so I'll eat there

Sunday: Burgers, fries

For more MPM's, visit Laura.

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gail@more than a song said...

I've missed you doing this, glad you posted this week! I like meals that are easy to clean up too. And a pizza with an alfredo base, sounds awesome!

Mandalyn said...

WOW--everyone one of those sound delicious! I'm trying to decide what night to pop over and eat with you!!:)