Thursday, November 15, 2007

Unique Gift Idea

While searching online, I came across this neat company that makes sun visor organizers. The company is called Get Stuck Up and they have some really cool frame and palette options. You can choose pictures and text to make them unique. I think these would make wonderful gifts because everyone needs a little organization in their car. These visor organizers are perfect for all your little gadgets, like your blue tooth headset. Many people use those because they are safer than having your phone in your hand while driving.

You can change the look of your organizer as much as you want. Choose a frame you like and then choose from the many palettes available and you're all set. One you install it in your car, you can start to stick your accessories to the palette. The palettes last for up to six months and then you can purchase a new one. No more digging around in your pocketbook for your phone, mints, or bluetooth. Simply stick it to the palette and you'll always know where to find those things. Since my niece recently got her license, I think this will be her Christmas present. We all how teenagers like these sort of things. I'm all about unique gifts and I definitely think this qualifies. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some shopping to do!

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