Saturday, December 15, 2007

NYC: Hard On The Luggage

During our visit to NYC last year, my luggage really took a beating. I recently noticed just how bad it was when I had to drag our suitcases out for our Thanksgiving trip to my mom's. Hubby actually lost a wheel while we were in NYC. Thank goodness it was near the end of our trip as we were leaving the hotel. We stayed in Queens and had a mile long trek to get to the subway station. We took that to Grand Central Station and then we hopped onto the NJ Transit, which took us to Newark to the airport. This was a long way to try and roll a piece of luggage with one wheel so we picked it up and carried it some of the time. Just imagine if it had broken on our way into NYC. We would have had to fight it on the trip in and on the trip home. Not my idea of a fun time!

For now, we can use our beat up luggage but if we ever fly again, we'll definitely need new stuff. This makes me wonder if there are any really good alternatives out there. Most luggage has plastic hardware on the bottom to hold the wheels on. Have you had a problem with your luggage wheels breaking? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening? Is there any brand of luggage that provides a warranty or replacement for such things?

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