Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drug Treatment Facility in Michigan

Pretty much anytime I turn on the news, I see a story about a person, sometimes famous and sometimes not, who has a serious problem with drugs or alcohol. There is such a need for drug rehab facilities, that you can find one almost anywhere. If you live in or near south central Michigan, you'll be happy to know that there is a wonderful facility in your area.

Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center is located on 13.5 acres of land, with 350 feet of lake front frontage on St. Mary's Lake. It is located in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful trees. There is much peace to be found in this pleasant atmosphere. The facility offers short and long term programs to help those who suffer from a variety of addictions. The facility is staffed with twelve registered nurses and there are three medical doctors on call around the clock. If you know someone who is dealing with drug addiction and you are looking for a treatment facility, be sure to look further into Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center.

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