Monday, December 17, 2007

Latest Movie Reviews

Since I haven't written about movies lately, I wanted to share what I've seen and my thoughts. During the month of December, we love to watch Christmas movies and shows as much as we can. This year has been pretty slim picking due to the appropriateness of the things on ABC Family. You heard me right...I've had to filter ABC Family! Isn't that a shame? The girls have been unable to watch a lot of the movies on that channel because of the content. I'm amazed at how much innuendo and bad moral behavior is thrown into the movies on this "family" station. We've turned to Hallmark for many of the Christmas movies we've watched this year. We found a few things there we could watch, such as The Christmas Card.

Hubby and I have rented a few things recently that have been ok. We saw Lucky You a few weeks ago and it was pretty good. There was way too much emphasis on the game of poker and not enough on the relationships in the movie. I wanted to see more of the father/son relationship. It could have been a great movie but I could never feel the characters.

We took my mom to the movies on Thanksgiving evening to see Enchanted. It was a light hearted movie that we all enjoyed. It had several funny moments and I really enjoyed Amy Adams as Giselle. She was very entertaining and has a lovely voice.

A few nights ago, we rented The Nanny Diaries. I read this book several months ago and was very disappointed. It was harsh, sad, and filled with bad language. It's funny because it didn't add to the story at all so I wonder why the writers felt the need to throw it all in. The book was a depressing look inside the world of a family from the Upper East side of Manhattan, where the nanny did all of the child rearing while the stay-at-home mom kept up her "me" time. The movie followed the book but had a happier ending. The book ended, in my opinion, without the necessary resolution :-o) While the movie was good, it wasn't what I had hoped. I had hoped for more comedy because watching the trailer, you think you'll be laughing the entire time. This was not the case for me.

Saturday night, we watched Love's Unfolding Dream. This is the latest in the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. All of the movies in the series have been wonderful to this point. I was a little disappointed in this one. It was good but there was a lot of "girl power" going on in the movie. Now, don't get me wrong. I think girls are great. We're raising two of them :-o) It's just that lately I've become acutely aware of how feminism creeps into everything and I'm tired of it. It gets old really quickly. Anyway, I've read that the books are very different from the movies so I am eager to read this series of books.

How about you? What have you seen lately?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Love's Unfolding Dream yet, but I think it's funny that it would be filled with feminist stuff! The books certainly weren't!

I do want to see Enchanted, but we'll probably wait until it's out on video.

Thanks for the reviews!

gail@more than a song said...

I was sorta the same way about Nanny Diaries book, I listened to it on tape on a car trip and SO could have done without the language.
I read all the Love Comes Softly books and enjoyed them and have seen a few of the movies.

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